How to tame a Cat in Minecraft?

To make your Minecraft ride and world more fun, you should have a pet with you. It can be a Dog or Fox or a Cat. Here is how to tame or pet a Cat in Minecraft!

by Chirag Parmar

Do you want to enhance your experience of exploring the Minecraft world? This article is all about the fun you should enjoy during your explore in this world. It is always advisable that you keep a pet around while going on exploring. The pet will increase the amount of your fun and your enjoyment will be completely on another level while you will have a pet around you. If you want a partner in your exploration and even if you want someone to wait for you when you return home this article is just for you.


In this article we will be talking about taming of a cat. It is great, isn’t it? Taming a cat in Minecraft is very easy and this article will make it more easy by guiding you step by step for it. You must have tried taming a fox or dog. Let’s try out taming a Cat. Who else be a better pet than a cat? So without further ado let’s get started with this article.

Required material for taming a cat

For taming a cat only required material is:

  • Raw Cod or Raw Salmon

Where to find a cat in Minecraft?

  • ANS: Before jumping in a step by step guide of taming a cat it is very necessary to know that where you could get this cat. They’re very easy to locate in Minecraft. If you have minimum of a one villager and Four beds. With this combination of needs ( the one we talked about recently) upto 10 cats should spawn. Cats will spawn for every four beds in the village which will provide you the range of the colors to choose.

Step by step process to tame a cat in Minecraft

Step 1: Feed a cat with a fish

For this very easy process you will only require fish to feed the cat. For that you must have to go for fishing in Minecraft. Fishing is the one of the best experiences in Minecraft. The required material Raw Cod and Raw Salmon could be also obtained by the fishing. For the fishing experience firstly you have to craft a fishing rod with the recipe given below in the picture.

Raw Cod or Raw Salmon

Step 2: Find a good water body and start Fishing

The very next step is to find a water body. Keep in mind that always find a large water body to improve your chances to get a fish easily and fast. Once you locate the good large water body take your fishing rod in your hot bar. after casting this fishing line into the water you will start seeing bubbles in the water body. As soon as you see the bubbles coming close to the fishing line pull the reel back onto the fishing line as far as possible. If you have pulled it right you will have a fish in your inventory. Go on and check for it.

Step 3: Find a cat and switch to the fish

For taming a cat first you will have to find one stray cat. You have to go in wild for this step. Be careful for every step you take.  Switch over to the fish in your hotbar to your inventory so you could use the fish when you need it. Keep in mind that in near future you are gonna feed the cat with this fish so you better keep it safe.

Finding a cat

Step 4: Gradually go to the cat

As of in real life in game also the strays will be afraid of you and may be they will try to run as soon as you reach to them. That’s why it is very crucial to go near it very slowly. Otherwise it will walk away from you and you will have to find a new cat.

Slowly reach to the cat

Step 5: Use the Fish ( Final step to get a cat as a pet)

Use of the fish is the final step of this process. You will need the raw fish to feed the cat. Feed the cat with the raw fish as soon as red hearts appear on its head. This red hearts are the symbol that you have successfully tamed a cat in Minecraft. Feed the cat more than once to get liked by her. it will like you more if you feed it more and more so keep raw fishes in the stock for future.

Cat is tammed

When the cat has eaten enough the hearts will disappear.

FAQs about taming a cat in Minecraft

#1: What is the rarest cat in Minecraft?

  • ANS: All the other cats can easily spawn in the village. But the Black Cats only spawn with the huts. So because of that reason you can call them a rarest cat of the Minecraft.

#2: Can we tame witch’s cat in Minecraft?

  • ANS: Yes, you may tame witch’s cat. But only when the witch’s is not in her hut. Be careful with it. The process of taming witch’s cat is as same as above one.


You’ve learned everything that you need to in this article about taming of the cats in Minecraft. If you are facing any issues for this process let us know in Comment section. We will help you out as soon as possible. Happy crafting!

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