PMWL East 2020: Which Teams have Qualified for Super Weekend?

by Farhan Shaikh
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PUBG Mobile World Leauge East 2020 is on. We have already seen a few games in Opening weekend and Leauge play. But now we will get to see real action. PMWL East 2020 super weekends will get start from Friday. In the super weekend, we will have 16 teams and all teams will fight for the ultimate championship of PMWL East 2020.


Qualified Teams for PMWL East 2020 Super Weekend

Playing super weekend has so many benefits. If you do not have an idea then we would like to inform you that only points scored in super weekends will get counted for PMWL East 2020 championship.

The format is pretty simple. It is like you will have to play 8 games every week to qualify for the upcoming super weekend games. First 8 games will be played by all 20 teams and from that 20 there will be only 16 teams left for the super weekend. So only the top 16 teams will get qualified.

So here is the list of top 16 teams from the first week of PMWL East 2020:

  1. OrangeRock -Points 122 (54 Kills)
  2. Bigtron RedAliens -Points 114 (46 Kills)
  3. BOX -Points 103 (47 Kills) 
  4. NoChance -Points 100 (37 Kills)
  5. Valdus-Points 92 (37 Kills) 
  6. Yoodo-Gank-Points 89 (34 Kills)
  7. GXR Celtz-Points 82 (35 Kills)
  8. RRQ Ath-Points 75 (36 Kills) 
  9. KOG-Points 74 (35 Kills)
  10. MegaStars-Points 69 (24 Kills)
  11. Synerge-Points 68 (19 Kills)
  12. TSM Entity -Points 66 (32 Kills)
  13. Secret-Points 55 (22 Kills)
  14. TeamIND-Points 54 (19 Kills)
  15. T1-Points 52 (15 Kills)
  16. REJECT.Scarlett -Points 47 (13 Kills)

If you have missed any gameplay or you want to check-points of previous games then check below we have kept links in the recommendation section.

PMWL East 2020 Week 1 Results:

PMWL East 2020 super weekend games will be played for 3 days. All these 16 teams will get the same amount of games to play.  After all super weekend games, there will be more league plays and super weekends. At last, we will get the ultimate champions of PMWL East 2020.

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