BGMI: Easiest Way to Get Deadeye (Sharpshooter) Title in Battlegrounds Mobile India

You can earn this title in Platinum Tier or above.

by Farhan Shaikh
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Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) has many different titles that can be easily achieved by the players. There are titles like Well-Liked, Deadeye, Perfectionist, Weapon Master, Pacifist, and more.

Here we are going to talk about the Deadeye (Sharpshooter) title. One can easily get these titles by completing the achievement in the Platinum tier or above and also in a solo classic match.


How to Get Deadeye (Sharpshooter) Title in BGMI?

Sharpshooter title in BGMI

To win this title, players need to get a “Sharpshooter” achievement, but for some players, it’s hard to get the requirements. So, let us check out how to get the Deadeye title in BGMI.

Requirements to Earn Sharpshooter Title:

  • You must kill three enemies within a 50-meter radius without missing any single bullet.
  • Enemies must be dead by headshot
  • You will get this title only in Platinum Tier and Solo mode

Ways to Get Deadeye (Sharpshooter) Title:

  1. First, open the game and reach the Platinum Tier in the Solo match
  2. Once you reach the Platinum Tier, you are eligible to achieve this title.

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Tips to Kill enemies:
  • It is better if you land at the corner of the map. As the AFK players will drop there and you can make them your target and kill them.
  • Once you land, look for some weapons like Scope, as it will help you to shoot far enough.
  • If you see any player and you are within 50-meter distance, then shoot them immediately.

Make your Squad and open the BGMI game. Set the game modes to classic solo and start the game. If you have a squad of ten friends, three people will have a chance to be in the same lobby. All of your squad should meet up at the same location in the lobby.

If three of the friends are in the same lobby, then land at the same location. Then kill your enemies one by one with headshots. Once you kill three enemies, you will get a chance to win the Deadeye title.

So, this was all about getting Deadeye Title in Battlegrounds Mobile India. We hope this article was helpful to you; stay tuned for more updates.

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