How to tame a Dog in Minecraft?

by Vinita Singh
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Like in real life, dogs of Minecraft are also very much in demand among the players because of their playfullness and to have a companionship while playing the game. The dogs in Minecraft are nothing but the wild wolves that have been tamed. The dogs are also useful to the players because of their protective nature for their masters. They attack mobs who can be dangerous to the players.

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Tamed dog Minecraft

To get a pet dog in Minecraft you have to find a wolf first. It’s these wolves who become dogs after getting tamed.  Not only dogs, but there are lots of other useful creatures in Minecraft that can be tamed, including Fox. Check out this article to learn to tame a fox in Minecraft.

Follow these steps to easily tame a dog in Minecraft:

How to Tame a Dog in Minecraft?

Step 1: To start with, first you need to find a wolf in the game with high chances of them being present mainly in the Forest Taiga, Giant Tree Tiaga, Snowy Tiaga and other variants of these biomes.

Step 2: The players need to collect bones either by killing the skeletons or by looting the chests present in the game.  It is worth noting that taming a wolf might take several attempts which is why it is advisable for the players to have more than one bone with them.

Step 3: Once the players gets hold of the bone, they need to go closer to the target wolf. Place the bone in the hotbar and make sure that the bone should be selected while approaching the wolf to give it the same.

Step 4: Multiple heart shaped figures appear around the wolf once the taming process starts and they disappear after the wolves are fully tamed and the players can see a red collar around the neck of the wolf. The wolf then changes its look and becomes a pet dog.

Step 5: The players can breed two tamed dogs to increase the pack size. For this all they need to do is feed the dogs meat, raw or cooked. While feeding them the two dogs should be present together in close proximity. Once heart appears above the two dogs it means they have gotten into the love mode after which they produce a puppy.

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Step 6: Since the puppy has been produced by already tamed dogs, the puppies will naturally be friendly to the player.

To check the dog’s health the players need to keep checking the tail of the dog. The tail hanging low indicates a lower health whereas the tail being up indicates the dog’s high health level. To boost up the health level, players only need to feed the dogs some meat.

Check out this short You Tube video on how to pet or tame a dog in Minecraft:

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