BGMI: How to Enable Peek & Fire Option in Battlegrounds Mobile India

by Farhan Shaikh

Battlegrounds Mobile India is a popular battle royale game where players need to fight with other teams to win the chicken dinner. However, you need to improve your gaming skills to reach till the end. In BGMI, you need to have a perfect shot to kill the enemies with the weapons available in the game.


Peek & Fire Option in BGMI

To survive for a long, players need to know every control setting of the game. In many shooting games, there is one main feature that helps players to survive long is “Peek and Fire.” If you were a PUBG Mobile player, then you will be knowing about Peek and Fire option. If you don’t know, then don’t worry; we are here with a guide on how to enable the Peek & Fire option in BGMI.

When you enable the Peek & Fire option in BGMI, you will mostly not be visible to others during open fire after you leave the cover. This means you are behind the cover, and it makes you less visible to other players. If you are a new BGMI player and aren’t aware of this mode, it’s better to play without enabling the option. By default, the Peek Fire option is disabled, and you need to manually enable it from the settings.

Advantages of Enabling Peek & Fire Option in BGMI

  • Enemies can’t make a perfect shot towards you.
  • Random shifting in close combat confuses the enemy
  • Easy to fire enemy

Disadvantages of Enabling Peek & Fire Option in BGMI

  • If you are shot, there will be severe damage
  • While running, if the peek button is tapped mistakenly, then it will slow down your movement. This results in an easy target to enemies.

How to Enable Peek and Fire Option in BGMI?

Peek & Fire option in bgmi

There are different settings available in BGMI like quick scope switch, peek and fire, sensitivity, and more. Let us check out how to enable Peek and Fire option in BGMI.

  1. First, open the game on your smartphone.
  2. From the home page, click on the arrow at the bottom right side
  3. Open Settings to view basic settings
  4. Look for Aim and tap to fire section
  5. Under that, go to Peek Settings
  6. Turn on Peek Toggle and enable the option
  7. Choose tap to lean or Hold to lean option

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Below the Peek and Fire option, you will see three Lean Modes.

Tap: If you select this, the Peek option will be there till you tap again.

Hold: Hold the button to peek and aim.

Mixed: You can use both Tab and Hold options. To Peek, you need to tap, and if you tap for more than 0.3 seconds, you can hold the button to peek and aim.

This is how you can enable the Peek and Fire option in BGMI. We hope this article was helpful to you.

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