How to make a Bow in Minecraft?

Making of Bow in Minecraft to Prepare for an Attack!

by Chirag Parmar

Using bow for a range attack is one of the best way of attacking. Basically there are two ways to do this process in close combat you could use punching and swords. But what if the attackers are far away from you? What then? Then, You will have to use Trident or a bow. In this article you will get to know everything about using a bow in Minecraft. It is advised that keep a long range weapons like bow and trident with you so you don’t have to face any kind of casualties.

Bows are very much useful in Minecraft. It is supposed to kill a creeper before it can explode mobs from far away so they can’t become aggressive and come after you. In this article there is a step by step guide for making a bow. go through the whole article and you will learn the whole process in easiest steps possible.

So let’s get started and make a Long range weapon without further ado.

Required materials for a Bow

  • 3 sticks
  • 3 String

Step by step process to make a bow

Step 1: Getting sticks

There are two most important stages in this process and the very first stage is to get the sticks. Making of a bow is very simple. For making of sticks all you need is to get a block of a wood. as soon as yo get the block of the wood you have to make wooden planks from it. You can make wooden  planks by simply adding wood blocks in the crafting table. One piece of the wood will give you 4 pieces of the wooden planks.

From this wooden planks you may finally craft the sticks. One wooden plank will give you two sticks. You will only need 3 sticks to make a bow so you will have one extra stick.

Getting sticks to make a bow

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Step 2: Getting Strings

The first most important thing to make a bow is stick and the second one is String. Once you have sticks from the step 1 you will have to gather 3 strings too to continue the process of making the bow. there are two ways to get strings in Minecraft.

Getting strings in Minecraft (way1)

1st way to get strings

The first way to get strings is to kill spiders. Spiders are the mobs who spawn at the night. So it may be tough to get the strings by this method. But keep in Mind that this is also a method to get a string.

Getting strings in Minecraft (way2)

2nd way to get strings

The second way is as easy as the first way. All you have to do is just break a cobweb with the sword. Cobwebs normally spawn in abandoned mineshafts or dungeons. One cobweb will give you one string after breaking it. So you will have to break at least three cobwebs in order to get three strings.

Step 3: Final step to make a bow

One you have three sticks and three strings all you have to do is craft the bow in your 3×3 Minecraft crafting table. Keep in Mind that 3×3 crafting table is must needed process for this process. In crafting table, you will have to put the sticks on the left with the strings in the right column of the 3×3 crafting table. You will get the idea with this process from the picture below.

Final step to make a bow

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FAQs about the bow

#1: Does a bow have mending and infinity?

  • ANS: Bow has enchantments like mending and infinity.
  • Mending will give it a power to fix itself whenever you will need it.
  • Instead of having 64 the infinity enchantment will allow you to only hold one arrow in your inventory.


You have everything about the making of a bow in Minecraft. You just need to execute the process right to have a bow in your hand and trust me having a bow like weapon is really a blessing against the mobs who are eagerly waiting to attack your village. So that’s all. If you are facing any problem with this Step by step guide let us know in comments. You may share your valuable responses too. Happy crafting!

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