How to make Concrete in Minecraft?

A stepwise recipe guide on How to Make a Concrete in Minecraft!

by Chirag Parmar

After doing so much efforts for the village to look them good still don’t have that outcome? This article is really helpful for you if you are facing this problem. In this article we will be talking about How to make “Concrete” in Minecraft. Concrete is a really good material in Minecraft. As in real life concrete will give durability and the good look in Minecraft also. There are some more uses of the concrete in Minecraft. concrete blocks have higher hardness than the stone blocks, They are also available in the wide range of colours and it doesn’t explode into flame.

There are several points that you need to know before you start the making of the concrete Material in Minecraft.

  • You will need a pickaxe in order to collect the concrete blocks.
  • As the concrete have same integrated physics as the sand and the gravel they will follow the rules of the gravity and may fall.
  • Concrete material have the lower blast resistance than the Stone blocks.

In this article you will know everything about How to make a concrete in Minecraft? So let’s start with this amazing colorful article just keep ready the things you need to make it and follow the simplest steps given below.

Required materials to make Concrete

  • 4 Blocks of Gravel
  • 4 Blocks of Sand
  • A dye of your choice
  • Water source


Step by Step process to make Concrete

Step 1: Spots where you may find Gravel

Gravel is a very important material to make concrete in Minecraft. There are more than enough places in the village where you may find Gravel. Explore your village or go to the places mentioned below to collect Gravel material.

  • Beaches
  • Small water pools
  • Ponds in gravelly mountain biomes
  • Frozen Ocean biomes
  • Underwater covering the bottom of the cold

Gravels are those kind of material which may harvested any tools but using a shovel is a good idea. And to be more specific and less tough you will need only 4 blocks of Gravel to make 8 powder concrete blocks.

Gravel Spot

Step 2: Spots where you may find sand

Sand can also bee collected by the shovel. Usually you may find sand blocks near the bodies of water like lakes, rivers and beaches. You can also look into the desert biomes for the sand. You will also require 4 blocks of the sand to make concrete.

Sand spot

Step 3: Choice of dye

Before you begin the crafting of the dye you need to decide that in what color you desire for your concrete. There are different kind of dyes in Minecraft available for making of concrete. You can choose from a total of 16 dyes.

  1. Red
  2. Orange
  3. Yellow
  4. Green
  5. Lime
  6. Cyan
  7. Light blue
  8. Blue
  9. Purple
  10. Magenta
  11. Pink
  12. Brown
  13. Black
  14. Grey
  15. Light Grey
  16. White

In the chart below you will know that how to obtain each dye.

Dye chart

Step 4: Placing Gravel in Crafting table

You must have collected 4 blocks of Gravel for making of concrete. You have to place those 4 blocks same as in the picture shown below. 3 blocks should cover the last row of the crafting table and remaining 1 Gravel block should be placed in the last cell of the middle row. The pictorial presentation is shown below for better understanding.

Placing gravel in Crafting table

Step 5: Placing Sand in Crafting table

Leave the very first cell of your 3×3 crafting table and place the blocks of Sand in remaining cells exactly as shown below.

Placing sand in crafting table

Step 6: Placing of dye in crafting table

The very first cell of your crafting table will be empty by now. You have to place the dye of your choice in the crafting table. This process will give you the 8 blocks of the concrete which is shown below.

Placing dye in Crafting table

Step 7: Final steps for making concrete

Your powder of concrete is ready but how would you use that? for turning it into harder material you just have to put it next to a water source and as the water flows the powder will turn into a hardened concrete material. Now you just have to mine this block for having a good and durable concrete material. But as discussed before you may just mine the concrete block with the pickaxe only.

Final steps to make concrete


If you have come through this you have already successfully learned the method/process to make concrete in Minecraft. If you are having questions regarding this article or or you are having any other questions please hit it in the comment box we will help you out there. Happy exploring!

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