How to make a Secret Door in Minecraft?

by Chirag Parmar
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It is very tough when you are out and you want to safe guard your tools and items or base. Griefers are so much willing to take adv advantage of your village when you are out. Somewhere at any point in the game you have to prioritize your privacy before everything. The Secret Door is something that provides you the same. Secret door can make things not to be found easily when someone is spying on you for those things. Isn’t is a great idea to have a secret door from you can access anywhere by that door.

So in this article we will learn how to make a secret door. There are some easy steps to follow to make a secret door. But keep in mind that you have to follow the exact steps to make a secret door successfully. So let’s get started with this magical article.


Materials required for making a Secret door

  1. Stone blocks
  2. Grass blocks
  3. Redstone torch
  4.  Redstone repeater
  5. Redstone dust
  6. Sticky pistons
  7. Pressure plates

Here are given 6 easy steps for making of a secret door follow the exact steps to find it out that how this secret door is made.

Step by step process to make a Secret door

Step 1: Finding a good spot to make your secret door

Firstly and very importantly you have to find a good spot for making this door. What will be the good spot to make the door? A Flatland. What are the benefits of choosing a flatland? Firstly you will have the flexibility to upgrading the secret door anytime. It is very important that you may improvise the quality of the secret door on further stages. So keep that in mind while selecting the land.

Finding a good land for a secret door

Step 2:  Use of sticky piston

Sticky pistons are the most important to make a secret door. To make a sticky piston you will need wood logs, cobblestones, iron ore (in order to make iron ingots) Red stone, slime ball, wood planks and piston. Once you gather all of the items. Use crafting table to add a piston and slime ball in adjacent cells of any column of the 3×3 crafting greed where slimeball must be in the above cell and piston in the lower cell.

Your sticky piston is ready to use.

Step 2: Mountaining of the Sticky pistons

Have 4 blocks of separation between 2 piston towers which has 3 piston blocks each (in height). refer the image below if you did not understood what i mean to say.  This stage is bit easy to execute.

Mountaining of sticky pistons

Step 3: Adding the stone blocks

You must need to add stone blocks in the process. Add the stone blocks in the same formation you added the piston tower. Make 2 towers of the stone blocks as you did for the sticky pistons. The tower should be the same height as the tower we made of the sticky pistons. The picture is shown below for references.

Adding stone blocks

Step 4: Use of red stone torches

Place the red stone torches at the foot of each pillar. And place a stone block in middle of each. On that stone block you will have to add some stone dust.

Use of red stone

Step 5: Expanding of the structure

To expand your structure you will need to make a 2×6 hole below your piston towers. Place red stone beneath it. your structure will be widen by 2 blocks each side.

expanding of the structure

Step 6: Use of pressure plates

In step 5 you have created the hole right? you will have to cover it with something. That’s where the pressure plates come in action. You have to add this pressure plates on the both sides of the structure. The pictorial presentation of this structure is shown below in the image. Follow that image. And by pressure plates you will be able to open up your secret doors.

Use pressure plates to make finally a secret door


You will feel relief once you make this secret door. From here you may access anywhere from and to the village. It is great to have at least one secret door in your village. so that there will be no requirement to hide from anyone. you can go through your accessible items which are costly and important through this door. I hope that information given in this article is useful for you. Go through our more articles to find out more about Minecraft and learn all the recipes for easy steps.

if you are facing any issue about this article please let us know in advance in comment section so that we can improvise our ideas. Keep exploring!

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