How to Find Free Fire Username (IGN) and ID?

by Sajil Memon
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So Free Fire Username and ID has now become a very important thing to identify any individual player between all other players or participants. Whether to check any player’s stats or Play Free Fire Tournaments at PlayerZon, you will need these two things, that is, Free Fire IGN or Username (in-game name) and ID.

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Free Fire IGN or Username is a Unique Name that you were asked to select or choose yourself, of your choice, when you created your Free Fire Account. Free Fire Character ID is a unique number of 5-12 length that is assigned to your account to uniquely identify your account amongst other PUBG Mobile Player. These both identities can be used to search any player, check their game stats, send them friend requests or gifts or report them. Also, PlayerZon uses this to identify players amongst all the participants in a Free Fire Matches or Tournaments. So here we are providing you with a step-by-step guide on how to find your Free Fire In-Game-Name (IGN) or Username and Character ID.

  • Step 1: Open Free Fire and let it load to the home screen.
  • Step 2: At the top left side, you will find Profile Icon with a Name, Avatar, and Free Fire Level. Click on it and you will be in your full Profile Dashboard which will show everything from your Account Details to the in-game stats.
    Free Fire Profile Option - PlayerZon
  • Step 3: In Gallery Option from the Top Menu, you can see your Free Fire Username (IGN) and Character ID at the top. You can use the Copy icon beside those options to copy any of them.
    Free Fire IGN & Character ID - PlayerZon

Did you know? You can now add stylish names in your FreeFire IGN or Username. Check this to know How to Get Stylish Names for Garena Free Fire?

That’s it. So you now know your Free Fire Username and Character ID. You can proceed ahead and make use of it or submit it in the PlayerZon App while registering for any Upcoming Free Fire Tournament or Match. Thank you!

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