How to Do Auto Headshot Settings in Free Fire?

by Farhan Shaikh

Free Fire is one of the most popular games played by millions globally. It has different types of weapons, and all the players must have some knowledge if you are a beginner. Once you are used to it and then you are good to go.  The main thing while killing the enemy is to aim the other player. It is difficult for the players to aim as there is massive recoil in some of the weapons, and because of that, many players lose battles. Though, Free Fire offers sensitivity controls, including auto headshots and recoil which can be used to set sensitivity for any and every weapons as per the users liking but getting the best sensitivity controls is the NOT EASY task.

So, are you having the same issue? If you want to win the battles by easily aiming the other player, then you must do settings in sensitivity and put an Auto Headshot to your enemies. Headshots are one of the best ways to kill enemies in one shot. So, if you want to learn how to do Auto Headshot settings, then here we are. Also, do not forget to checkout Best 4 Finger Claw Setting in Garena Free Fire.

Check out the best sensitivity settings which help you to connect and make auto headshots in Free Fire which results in more kills for you in the game. Once you adjust these settings, you don’t need to put energy into controlling the recoil of the weapon.

Auto Headshot Settings in Free Fire

Auto headshot setting

Follow the given steps and apply the settings for an auto headshot in Free Fire.

  1. First, open the Garena Free Fire game on your device and let the home screen load completely.
  2. Now go to Settings and look for the sensitivity option.
  3. Open it and check for Headshot sensitivity.
  4. Adjust the sensitivity sliders as shown below.
  5. Click on the Save button and close the settings tab

Sensitivity Settings for Better Headshots:

  • General: 100
  • Red Dot: 75
  • 2X Scope: 69
  • 4X Scope: 62
  • AWM Scope: 34

Once you have done these changes, you need to aim at the body of the enemy and slide the weapon upwards. It will automatically aim at the head of the enemy. Do these settings and improve aiming; it is mostly better for beginners.

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In the beginning, you will get problems, but keep practicing and become a master of technique. The auto headshot sensitivity settings in free fire are different for the player, and it might be different for each user. One can change the settings according to their preference and usage. This way, using free fire headshot setting, you can auto aim the enemy’s head and grab the kill easily. Keep practicing to master this method and technique.

Free Fire Auto Headshot Setting App Download

Users and Garena Free Fire Players also searches for Best app for Auto Headshop setting in Garena Free Fire and many users asks us too, if there’s any good app for headshot settings. So we would like to suggest you not to use any 3rd party app or tool since it can take control of some sensitive data in your phone. Also such apps would overlay on screen and cause further heating, glitches and lags in Free Fire. Also, using any third party app or tool is against Free Fire Fair Play Game Policy since it might take control of the game settings or sensitivity. So better use the settings given above (which are indeed best sensitivity for free fire auto headshot in mobile) for best auto headshot controls. Also, we will update this guide if we find or come across any good app which doesn’t cause troubles and offers best auto headshot settings for Free Fire.

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