Blast Furnace Recipe: How to Make a Blast Furnace in Minecraft?

by Vinita Singh

A blast furnace is a Minecraft utility block that can smell ores and metal commodities twice as fast as a furnace. Tools, weapons, and armour are essential goods that boost a Minecraft player’s survivability and capability. Unless you have enough of materials, a Blast Furnace isn’t something you’ll want to create right away.

Although it is possible to fight powerful opponents or other players without these equipment, possessing them makes fighting these battles easier with an increased chance of winning them. It is worth noting here that the blast furnace can only smelt selective items like ores and metallic objects.

The good part is that the players don’t have to make a lot of effort to make the blast furnace. Minecraft’s Overworlds has all the crafting components required available in its depths.

Continue reading this article to know more about the blast furnace and the ways through which you can create one.


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How to Craft or Make a Blast Furnace in Minecraft?

Minecraft Blast Furnace Crafting

Step 1: To create a blast furnace, Minecraft players will first need to acquire all of the essential crafting materials or ingredients (Blast Furnace Recipe Ingredients). These materials are :

  • Five Iron Ingots
  • Three pieces of Smooth Stone
  • One Furnace

Step 2: The Furnace can be constructed by combining eight pieces of Cobblestone, which is a very common material. This has to be done on a crafting table and the middle blank space in the crafting window should be the only blank space left. If you don’t have the adequate number, just dig a little deeper and you’ll find some eventually. In order to obtain the cobblestone, the players need to mine the stone blocks that are very commonly present across different biomes of Minecraft.

Step 3: At a crafting table, players must combine a furnace, three pieces of smooth stone, and five iron ingots to create the Blast Furnace. Smelting of stone blocks in a furnace can result in the making of smooth stones by using coal as a fire source. To obtain stone blocks, players need to either mine these blocks with silk touch enchanted pickaxe or by smelting of cobblestone in a furnace via fuel sources.

Step 4: Smelting iron ore inside a furnace with a fuel supply yields iron ingots. Iron ore can be discovered in caves, mine shafts, ravines, and other underground locations around Minecraft’s Overworld. Minecraft players will require a stone pickaxe or a pickaxe of higher quality to mine iron ore. Iron Ingots are the most difficult ingredient to obtain.  It depends a lot on its availability in your terrain or world.  The naturally formed structures of the game have a variety of chests that contains iron ingots.

Step 5: Fill the top row of your crafting grid with Iron Ingots. The remaining two iron ingots will be placed on either side of the middle row, with the furnace in the grid’s centre. Finally the players need to add three smooth stones to the bottom row to create the Blasting Furnace.

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For better understanding check out this You Tube video on how to make a blast furnace in Minecraft:

How to Use a Minecraft Blast Furnace?

Using a Blast Furnace is similar to using an ordinary Furnace in most ways. Simply place some fuel in the bottom-left portion and after that the smeltable item in the top-left portion. Blast Furnaces can only smelt objects, so keep that in mind. However, because they operate at twice the speed, they consume twice as much fuel. Smelting down ore blocks into ingots is the most common way to use the Blast Furnace. Players can also use Blast Furnace for melting weapons, tools and armours. Everything else is handled via a standard Furnace.

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Blast Furnace

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