How to Recruit Enemy to Your Team in PUBG New State

by Farhan Shaikh

PUBG New State is similar to BGMI, but it couldn’t bring the charm, maybe because of the bugs in the game. However, the game is set in 2051 with modern futuristic UI elements, improved graphics, new guns, maps, player skins, and more. Currently, there are four maps available in the game Erangel, Troi, a four vs. four TDM map, and the training grounds.

Among many amazing features, one of the most exciting features is ‘Enemy Recruit’. This feature helps you to recruit enemies to your team.

This feature works, when there is an extra spot in your team. It means, if there are only three players in your team, then you can add the fourth during the battle by recruiting the enemy. The enemy player can either die or can join your team.

Let us check out how to recruit enemies in PUBG New State.

How to Recruit Enemies to your Team in PUBG New State?

Follow the steps to recruit enemy in PUBG New State:

  1. First, launch the PUBG New State game on your smartphone.
  2. Start a match with duo or squad mode. (In a Solo match, you cannot revive enemies)
  3. Land on the map and start playing the match
  4. When you knock out an enemy, you will see a recruit option on the screen
  5. Go near the player and click on + sign
    Recruit enemy
  6. You can revive that enemy and invite him to join your team
  7. Once the enemy joins your team, they cannot contact their previous team

The enemy can also deny your invite by clicking on Give Up button.

Note: This feature only works if any of your teammates is eliminated. If all four of you are alive, you cannot recruit an enemy.

This is one of the unique features available in PUBG New State. This feature is not yet available on BGMI or PUBG Mobile.

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