How & Where to Find Drone Credit in PUBG New State

by Farhan Shaikh

PUBG New State has brought a lot of new in-game stuff like map, vehicles, drones and more. With the help of drones, players can easily get items and weapons delivered. It is similar to loot, in PUBG Mobile. However, you can also shoot drones by having a certain amount of damage.

Where to Find Drones in PUBG New State?

One can easily get drone in PUBG New State. However, for that you will need to collect drone credits from the appropriate place. You need to buy the drones from the in-game store and for that you should have sufficient drone credits.

How to Find Drone Credits in PUBG New State?

You can find Drone Credits while exploring the game. On the map, you will find drone credits all over the place. Make sure you visit the locations that aren’t looted yet. If the location is already looted then you might not find any Drone Credits on the ground.

The Drone Credits looks like a small piles of dollars on top of each other. Whenever, the player pass over them at the match, it will automatically grab the credits and then add them to your inventory.

When have enough Drone Credits, you can click on the small money stack from the game home page and then open the drone store. Here, you can purchase items that can be delivered to you and your squad.

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How to use Drone in PUBG New State?

  1. Open the game and go to inventory section
  2. Click on the Drone icon
  3. A Drone store will appear, also a list of items will be displayed
  4. From the list, click on Search option (You will need Drone Credits)
  5. Click on Order
  6. A map will be opened, mark a destination point for delivery
  7. Click on Place here
  8. In few seconds, the drone will be delivered to the marked location
  9. You can open bag and look for search drone
  10. Then click on use Drone icon, Drone will fly and will send the visuals to the player

So, these are the details on how to get the drone credits in PUBG New State.

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