How to make an Anvil in Minecraft?

by Chirag Parmar

Hello! Gamers. Do you know that Anvil is a necessity when you are ready to upgrade your armor, tools and weapons? These things are important to have the greatest enchantments possible. You will need an Anvil in order to upgrade all those things. So let’s get started, In the starting we will see what an Anvil is and then You will get all the information that you need to make an Anvil.


Anvil is one of those things which are affected with the gravitational force in Minecraft, like sand, gravel, Dragon’s egg. Having them falling from the air will eventually kill a player in no time. To be honest it may even cause 20 hearts of damage if the height is enough. So be aware. So let’s get started on the making of an Anvil.

Necessary Ingredients for Anvil

  1. Crafting table
  2. Furnace/Blast Furnace
  3. Iron ore
  4. Fuel

Steps to Make an Anvil in Minecraft

Step 1: Making of a crafting table

The very first step is to make a crafting table. In order to do so you will require to turn logs into wooden planks. Making of the planks will require you to place enough wooden logs in the crafting table as shown below. In the picture. Always remember that crafting table is an important thing to make cobblestones as well as the supplies you may need in order to make an Anvil as.

How to make Anvil in Minecraft

Step 2: Making of a pickaxe?

Pickaxe can be made in the furnace and furnace can be made by the cobblestones. You will need the handles in order to have sticks. You can use the crafting table that you made from the first step or you can also use the survival inventory crafting table. In the crafting table you need to place the two blocks of wooden planks on the very right side of the table.

Now you have everything that you need to make a pickaxe. Wooden planks and the sticks. In a 3×3 crafting table put all the 3 planks in a first row  and put the sticks in the middle column. Pickaxe could be used in order to collect the cobblestones which is used to make the furnace.

making of the pickaxe

Step 3: Making of an iron ore

This is the most important step to make an anvil. You will need the enough amount of the iron in order to make an Anvil. It is very obvious that you will find iron very easily in caves and ravines. It shouldn’t be containing that much time for you to get iron. A small piece of advice though please use iron pickaxe It would do the work fast. And in order to make the iron pickaxe replace the cobblestone with the iron ingots in step 2.

Step 4: Finding coal for fuel

First of all where you can find coal? There are several places where you can locate the coal.

  • Caves
  • Ravines
  • In cliffsides
  • Stone-topped biomes’ surface

Search from the above places and when you found the coal mine it. You may use other sources for fuel like a lava bucket or charcoal if it’s found conveniently. Look for iron now. You could find iron from where you found the fuels.

When you found 31 or more pieces of iron smelt them in a furnace. Smelting them will change them in the iron ingots. Benefit of using  blast furnace In place of the furnace is that the blast furnace is 2x fast than a normal furnace.

Now from the step 3 and 4 whatever you got it has to be used here. Place the iron pieces on the top of the furnace and below you have to put your source of the fuel. Whether it is coal, charcoal or a lava bucket.

making Fuel

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Step 5: Finally making of an Anvil

The final steps are pretty much easier than the whole process. Put your iron ingots in a 3×3 crafting table each box should contain 3 iron ingots itself. You will get 3 full iron blocks.

crafting of iron blocks

Now with the 4 iron ingots and 3 iron blocks put them with the combination shown below in the crafting table.  Now you have an Anvil.

Finally getting the Anvil

You must be wondering after the whole article that what you can do with the Anvil. Don’t worry answers are right below this.

#1: What is made by an Anvil?

  • The most important thing that you should keep in mind that Anvils are the only source to combine the enchanted books with the tools or weapons you use in Minecraft. Anvil could also be used to fix the durability of enchanted weapons. Basically Anvil will keep the durability of the weapons and tools as efficient as possible. It is very helpful.

#2: How to repair an Anvil?

  • The Anvils could be broken if they fall from the height or you use it excessively but there is no chance that you could repair it to use it again. So you have to keep this step by step process handy in order to having as much anvils as possible.

#3. What really Anvil is?

  • The one great tool to have, a repairer a renamer. Though there is no such words as renamer but you could actually do rename items with it. It is same to the Grindstone.

I hope you understood the whole process and got the all doubts clear. If there is any please let us know below in the comment section. We will be more than happy to help.

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