Minecraft Lectern Recipe: How to Make a Lectern in Minecraft?

by Shanteev Bhatia

Minecraft is filled with tons of items that can crafted by obtaining the right materials. The items you have crafted can be used for a ton of things like mining, cooking, storing materials and travelling. Lecterns are one of the items you can craft in Minecraft, just like Fence and Saddle.

What is a Lectern?

A lectern in Minecraft acts like a book shelf to store multiple books for other players to view in the multiplayer mode of Minecraft. It can also be used as a display piece in your house in which you can showcase a book and a quill. The lectern will also emit a red stone pulse anytime somebody right clicks on the lectern and turns the pages of the book placed on the lectern.

Lecterns are also used to assign the librarian profession to the villagers. Once you place a lectern in the area, any villagers without a profession will be assigned to the lectern and take on the role of a librarian. Librarians are very useful as they will turn normal books into enchanted books and even sell enchanted books to the player.

In this article we will be showing you the full recipe to craft a lectern in Minecraft.

How to make a lectern in Minecraft?

The first we need to craft lectern are the materials required for crafting.  Here are the materials you need to begin crafting or the ingredients you will need for Lectern Recipe in Minecraft:

  1. One bookshelf
  2. Four oak wood slabs
  3. Four spruce wood slabs
  4. Four birch wood slabs
  5. Four jungle wood slabs
  6. Four acacia wood slabs
  7. Four dark oak wood slabs
  8. Four crimson slabs
  9. Four warped slabs

You can use any one of the wooden slabs mentioned above, all of them will work in crafting the lectern along with the bookshelf.

So now that we have our materials ready, it is time begin crafting. A 3 by 3 crafting table can be by combining four wooden planks together. Now that we  have our crafting table ready we can start with step one.

1. Open your crafting table

Open the 3 by 3 crafting table, it should have 3 rows and 3 columns.


2. Add materials to the crafting table

Now that our crafting table is all set up we can go ahead and place the ingredients on it. To make a lectern you will need one bookshelf ( if you want to see a tutorial on how to craft a bookshelf in Minecraft click here) and four of any of one of the wooden slabs mentioned above.

We will start off by placing 3 wooden slabs of our choice in the first row. In the second row, place 1 bookshelf in the middle box. In the third row, place 1 wooden slab ( same type of wooden slab used in the first row) in the middle box. If this method is followed properly the lectern should appear on the righthand side of the crafting table.

Note: You will need to place the materials in the exact same pattern as the image above or this recipe will not work.

3. Place lectern in your inventory

After the lectern is visible on the right hand side of the crafting table, simply drag and drop the item into your inventory.

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This the entire recipe to create lectern in Minecraft. Are there any other Minecraft recipes or crafting guides you would like us do? Please comment your thoughts below. Also, try the Pixel Circle Generator in Minecraft to Make Perfect Circles.

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