Garena Free Fire Web Series, Music Video & Holi Event Details

by Farhan Shaikh

We have already announced that Garena Free Fire is celebrating the Holi festival by bringing a Holi event 2021 with some rewards. Apart from that, there is news, that the is also releasing a new Web Series along with a music video. The web series will have three-episodes that will follow a group of players coming together via Free Fie and make friendship. The first episode of the Web series is now live on the official YouTube channel of the game. And the new Music Video will be releasing on 28th March with an in-game celebration.



The Free Fire game is celebrating Holi through in-game activities. It is a story of a Demoness, who has stolen all the colors in the game and the Players are asked to hunt down the Demoness and get back all the missing colors.

The Holi event is divided into two stages and each stage unlocks after it is completed. Let’s check what are the requirements:

Stage 1:

Stage 1 is called “Fight For Colours” which is already started on March 15 and will go till March 29. It invites players to “hunt for demoness”. All the players should pick one of the coloured exploration track to search and attack the demoness. All the player’s progress will be tracked across India. Once the players reach a milestone, the Demoness will be beaten. In the form of rewards, the players will win an Awakening Shard, Punkster Runner bundle, a Custom Room card, and a Character Level 8 card.

Once the players defeat the demoness, the colors will be dispersed across different locations in the map.

Stage 2:

To start stage 2, the players have to take a personality test. This test has a few questions about their playing style, making friends, and more. The players need to answer these questions and then the true color will be revealed. The color which will be revealed will represent the player in the final color collection.

After that players will have to collect the colored paints from after-match drops. One can exchange the duplicate color with friends. Whoever collects all the 10 colors will get notable rewards.

The “Grand Holi” celebration will be celebrated on March 28. On this day, there will be content like a web series, and a song music video.  The first episode of the series will be published on 16th March.

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