Garena Free Fire: How to Increase KD Ratio in Free Fire

The high KD rate makes the free fire profile stronger and famous.

by Husen Memon

Garena Free Fire is the most played game on mobile after PUBG Mobile and BGMI. Here you can play matches on different maps with the teams or solo. Players play the game to have fun and communicate with other players. But there are players who play not only to have fun but also to become a master in the game.

Free Fire has quick, action-packed BR matches and the 5v5 squad combat. To have a strong profile, players need to have a high KD ratio (Kill/Death) ratio. The more KD ratio a player has meant the player is a Pro. And the profile is more stronger and popular among other players. Therefore, every player wants to increase the KD ratio by getting more kills in the match.

If you have a low KD rate, don’t worry; here, we have shared a few tips to increase the rate. So, let us check out how to increase the KD rate in Free Fire.


How to Increase the KD Ratio in Garena Free Fire?

How to increase KD ratio in free fire

KD ratio is referred to Kills/ death ratio. It is calculated as the total kills to total deaths in the match.

1. Land at a Safe Place

Players can increase the KD rate by getting more kills in the matches. So, make sure you land at a safe place, where there are less chances of being killed. Make sure you are not killed immediately as the match starts. If you want to increase the KD ratio, do not land at a competitive place where there are already many players. Avoid places like Bermuda, Purgatory, and Kalahari maps. Land on the safe locations of these maps.

2. Booyah

Booyah means you have won the match with the highest number of kills. This means you can increase your KD ratio by winning the Booyah title. To get this title, you need to survive till last. If you have taken five kills in matches and have won continuously, then your ratio will increase.

3. Improve Aim and Accuracy

Many players don’t customize the settings in Free Fire. But doing a few adjustments in the sensitivity settings can be helpful to increase the KD ratio. Go to settings and change the sensitivity controls as per your gameplay.

4. Play Classic Mode

In classic mode, most of the players don’t have the skills to play the game properly, so it can be helpful to you to kill other participants. You will easily get more kills to increase your KD rate. You might also get the Booyah title in classic mode matches.

5. Play with New Players

As the level increases, the game gets more challenging. So the players also learn how to deal with the opponents. If you have reached a higher tier, it’s obvious that players here will also be focused and have the skills to play a proper match. So, it’s better to play with a new account player, where most of them will be beginners, to whom you can easily kill and increase the KD ratio.

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