How to make a Map in Minecraft?

by Chirag Parmar

You are wrong if you’re thinking that map are not that much important in Minecraft. Map is useful in many things those are available in Minecraft. Let’s say you are a pro in Minecraft and your village is very good to see but you can enjoy it’s giant overview through the map. To add more if you want to go to the adventure or you want to return from one you will require a map in order to find the way back.

They give you the chance to make map earlier because it requires a map to learn more about the game and it is also useful for newbies too. Maps can be used for two purposes in the game, firstly for survival purposes that you want to make your base’s defense and secondly when you want to give the artistic hand to your village you will need a map.

So if you want to make your village like some king’s base please read this article from top to bottom. In this article you will learn that how to make a map and some facts about the map. So let’s get started with the most needed things to make a map.

Required ingredients to make a map

  • Crafting table
  • 8 Paper
  • 1 Compass

Step by Step process to make a map in Minecraft

Step 1: Making of the crafting table

Almost in every process of crafting something you will require a crafting table. what is crafting table? crafting table is nothing but conversion of recently acquired wooden logs into wooden planks. To make wooden planks you have to place wooden logs in last two rows of survival inventory crafting table which is a 2×2 crafting table. As soon as process ends you will have a crafting table of your own.

Making of a crafting table

Step 2: Finding the Sugarcane and making of paper

We have discussed that you will require 8 pieces of paper. So in order to make paper you will require the sugarcane. It is easily found if you have a sugarcane farm. And if you don’t have one just don’t worry there is a solution of it too. Sugarcane is also found near water which could be a lake, river or an ocean.

Once you have collected enough amount of sugarcane go back to the base and place sugarcane plant in the last row of 3×3 crafting table. Which is shown below in picture. From 3 sugarcane plant you will have 3 pieces of paper. So for having 8 pieces you will require 8 sugarcane plants. Keep that in Mind.

Finding of the sugarcane in Minecraft

Step 3: Making of the compass

Compasses are very rare material in Minecraft. You can not find compass you need to make one. It requires iron and redstone to have a compass. Redstone is an abudant material of Minecraft and you will require an iron pickaxe to mine it. The recipe of iron pickaxe is shown below.

Making of a iron pickaxe

Don’t know how to make a compass?

Nothing to worry about just go through the link given below for the full tutorial of making of a compass.

How to make a Compass in Minecraft?

Final Step to make a map

Open the 3×3 crafting table you made. Leave the center spot and fill other boxes with the 8 pieces of the paper you have made through the sugarcane. then place one compass in center exactly as shown below.

Making of a map in minecraft


Congratulations you have learned how to make a map in Minecraft.

Some fun facts about Map

  • The Third person perspective will allow you to see your base without blocking anything but only if you have a map.
  • There are some programs which are used to make your maps customizable. Where you can use your own texts and pictures instead of actual maps.

If you are facing any problem with any steps those were discussed above just give us a comment. We will help you through it. Happy exploring!

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