How to make a Compass in Minecraft?

by Chirag Parmar
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Hello! Readers and Gamers this article is very useful for you if you are a beginner at Minecraft. You must know that the basically we use the compass to locate such things. In Minecraft it also works the same. You will need one compass in order to search for such tools and materials in your world. Compasses are also used to make the crafting recipes of the map in your world.

So Go ahead read the article and in this article you will know that how to make a compass. So without wasting time let’s get started.

How to make a compass in minecraft


Necessary supplies for a Compass

  1. Crafting Table
  2. Furnace
  3. Iron ore
  4. 1 Red stone

Step by Step process to make a compass

Step 1: Crafting table

The very first step is to make a crafting table. In order to do so you will require to turn logs into wooden planks. Making of the planks will require you to place enough wooden logs in the crafting table as shown below, In the picture. Always remember that crafting table is an important thing to get every other supplies or sources you may require.

crafting table

Step 2: Making of the Furnace

Pickaxe can be made in the furnace and furnace can be made by the cobblestones. You will need the handles in order to have sticks. You can use the crafting table that you made from the first step or you can also use the survival inventory crafting table. In the crafting table you need to place the two blocks of wooden planks on the very right side of the table. This Pickaxe will be needed to collect the cobblestone.

wooden pickaxe

Step 3: Find the iron and coal (for fuel)

You will need seven pieces of iron for this whole process. Iron is a must needed material in everything you are going to craft in Minecraft. So whenever you are out to pick iron, pick the enough amount of it so you never run out of it. And to collect iron you will need a stone pickaxe. This could also be made by following the step 2. All you need to do is to replace the woods with the cobblestone. The picture shows the making of the stone-pickaxe.

There are several places where you can locate the coal and iron.

  • Caves,
  • Ravines,
  • In cliffsides,
  • Stone-topped biomes’ surface.

Once you have found all the 7 pieces of iron you will smelt them in the furnace. Smelting them will convert the ore to the ingots. Now place 3 pieces of iron on top of the furnace and below it feel the box with the fuel (In this case fuel will be coal)

Note: You can also use charcoal and a lava bucket as fuel if it is found frequently.

First we made a wooden pickaxe, then stone-pickaxe and now we will turn it into an iron pickaxe. So the recipe of making of a compass is not that easy. You need to follow the same pickaxe craft recipes to make an iron pickaxe. But there is a small change in it. You have to change the top row with the iron ingots.

iron pick-axe

Step 4: Finding of the Redstone

Finding a redstone is not that hard it could be found at lower Y levels than iron and coal (between bed-rock and Y level 16). You should go to revine to find the redstone or even mining on the proper Y level could also lead you to the redstones. This is the Last thing that you need for making a compass. Collect the one piece of it and follow the next and final step.

Step 5: Final Step for making compass

In this step you will need 4 iron ingots shaped diamond in the crafting table. And in the middle you have to place the redstone you got from the step 4. The pictorial presentation of this step is give below.

making of the compass

This was all that you need to know about the compass in Minecraft. I hope that you have understood the every step written. If you are having an issue with the recipe or you are unable to follow it please let us know in the comment section. We will be more than happy to help as always.

FAQs about the compass in Minecraft

  1. Why use compass in Minecraft?
  • Nowadays no one is using compass in Minecraft but if you are the beginner at the game you will need a compass to locate such things as tools or weapons. Once you get used to places in the game you will no longer need the compass for it.
  1. Does compass Point to bed Minecraft?
  • The Compass does not  point to your Bed. It always points to World Spawn.

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