How to make a Cobblestone Generator in Minecraft

by Chirag Parmar

Mostly cobblestone generators are seen in “Skyblock” Gamemode. This game mode gives you a very limited amount of  resources in starting stages. The cobblestone generators are very interesting concept of the Minecraft gaming. In Minecraft there are several uses of the cobblestone. It is very easy to make a cobblestone generator and once it is made you will have infinite source of the cobblestone blocks.

If you follow the same ingredients as well as the same steps given in this article you will learn the easiest and applicable method of making of a cobblestone generator. There are some game modes like vanilla Minecraft where this cobblestone generator is proven extremely useless but in many other modes like skyblocks this process worth the time.

Not wasting more time and going to the center of this article let’s get started with the ingredients you need to make a cobblestone generator.

Required ingredients to make a cobblestone generator

  1. 1 Lava bucket
  2. 1 Water bucket

Step by Step Process to make a Cobblestone generator

Step 1: Making of a bucket

To make a bucket first you have to explore and identify some iron ore and collect at least three. It’s brown specks will give you the ideas of finding the iron ore easily. After having three iron ores you just have to go to the furnace and smelt them to the iron ingots. once your iron ingots are ready you just need to place them in crafting table as shown below in the picture. You can carry around liquid in Minecraft with this buckets you have made.

collecting water through bucket

You can follow this guide on How to make a crafting table in Minecraft?

Once you have made 2 buckets you just need to find the sources of lava and water. Follow the next steps.

Step 2: Making of a trench

As soon as you find the sources of lava and water hold them into buckets and start digging a trench wherever you like in your village. But the trench should be in same way that one shown below. Once the trench have made follow the next step.

Making of a trench

Step 3: Adding lava and water in the trench

Now, you just have to add water and lava in the same trench. But keep in mind that you need to add lava on the most left side and the water on the most right side as shown below in the picture.

If you have followed the exact steps which has discussed further. you will have a cobblestone coming out of a trench. your unlimited source of the cobblestone is now ready. But what are the uses of this stone?

Making of a cobblestone generator

How to use cobblestone in Minecraft

As soon as you see the cobblestone in the trench. You just need to take it out and break it for use. For regenerating of the cobblestone you just need to add lava and water once again as the procedure you will have a cobblestone. That’s how you have made an unlimited source of making cobblestone.

FAQs about Cobblestone generator

#1: How many buckets of lava/water do i need in order to Make a cobblestone generator?

To make a cobblestone generator you only need a bucket of lava as well as water.

#2: How do you make an Automatic Harvesting Farm Cobblestone generator Farm?

Making of an AFK cobblestone is quite impossible and if it is possible it is a very complex way to rebuild it. It can’t be generated at beginners level.

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