UAZ Jeep of Erangel Map Seen in Battlegrounds Mobile India Teaser

by Farhan Shaikh

With each passing day, the official release of Battlegrounds Mobile India is coming near, but the fans of PUBG can’t get enough hype surrounding it. A new teaser of the upcoming battle game is released and the video shows off a vehicle that looks similar to the UAZ Jeep of PUBG Mobile.

PUBG’s UAZ Jeep Seen in a New Teaser of Battlegrounds Mobile India

The video is shared on the official YouTube channel and on the Facebook page also. On the Facebook page, the caption reads,

“Keep your seatbelts fastened! The vehicle advantage is all you need for ruling the Battlegrounds! UAZ holds a special place in our hearts and we cannot wait to drive around in the Battlegrounds!”

With this video, we can say the UAZ jeep will be available once the game is launched. The teaser also mentions the Erangel Map with the new vehicle. Erangel map is a popular map of the battle royale game and is a huge map with different terrains, locations, and has more gameplay opportunities. For this map, there are so many vehicles and one of them is the UAZ jeep. And this jeep is now seen in the new teaser of the Battlegrounds Mobile India. You can check out the teaser:

The UAZ vehicle is an off-road vehicle where the whole squad can fit. However, it is exclusively available in Erangel map in PUBG Mobile. And now, we can say it is coming to the Indian version of PUBG also, as earlier there were reports that the game will have an Erangel map, so we can be sure that this vehicle will be coming in Erangel map.

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Apart from this, the developers have also shown many similar features to PUBG Mobile like Level 3 backpack, energy drink, sanhok map. As the game is similar to PUBG Mobile there will be a lot of similarities in the gameplay, but there will be different rules and privacy policies.

Recently, the official Youtube channel has crossed four million subscribers. The pre-registrations which were started last month have crossed 20 Million marks recently and are still going on.  Still, the developers have not revealed the release date of the game, but there are speculations of the game launching on June 18 or around.

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