BGMI: How to Change Quick Chat Voice in Battlegrounds Mobile India

by Farhan Shaikh

In Battlegrounds Mobile India, having communication with the other teammates is a must. There are some default voices in the game that are used for a quick chat with other team players. However, these quick chat voices are customizable, so you can turn them ON/OFF whenever you want and can do many other things by spending the UC.

There comes sometimes when you are unable to talk with your teammates, like due to a bad internet connection, or you don’t want to talk. At such time you can turn off the voice chat for better and smooth gameplay.

There are different uses of Quick Voice chat in BGMI like it’s helpful to talk with friends, you don’t need to type the text message. It can be used in a single click and is best for those who don’t use the mic in the game.


How to Change Quick Voice Chat in BGMI?

Let us check out the steps to change the quick voice chat in BGMI:

  1. First, open the BGMI game on your device and go to the Inventory section from the home page
  2. From the right panel, click on the Player icon
  3. Inside, you will see Voice (Mic) icon, click on it
  4. A new window will be opened, where you can see all the available voice and voice commands
  5. You can preview all the voice
  6. Now, click on “Select Voice” drop-down menu to change the voice
    Change Quick Chat Voice in BGMI
  7. You will see a list of available voices
  8. Select any as per your choice and click on change

That’s it! You have successfully changed the Quick Voice Chat in BGMI.

List of Voice Available in BGMI

  • Default Voice – Young Lady Quick Chat Voice Set
  • Classic Voice – Femme Fatale Quick Chat Voice Set
  • Andy – Puppetmaster Andy’s Voice
  • Carlo – Voice of Urban Bounty Hunter Carlo
  • Sara – Mechanic Queen Sara Voice
  • Victor – Voice of Victor, the soldier
  • Bhola Record Voice Pack – Punjabi Voice Pack from Bhola Record
  • Urdu Female/Girl Voice – Voice from Likee App Creator Arooj Fatima

So, this is how you can change the Quick Voice Chat in BGMI. We hope this article was helpful to you. Stay tuned for more and the latest updates.

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