How to make a Lantern in Minecraft?

Easy step-by-step recipe to make a Lantern in Minecraft to light-up your scenes.

by Chirag Parmar

In Minecraft you will always need a source of light in order to go out in dark or at night. There are so many sources that you can use for light up. You may use customary torch, glow stone or the lantern but you will always need one of this. Having a light on you makes sure that mobs don’t spawn around you and also instruments like this will illuminate your base very nicely.

Minecraft added the lanterns as the decoration block in the update of 1.14 which is also known as village and pillage update. There is a easy recipe to make the lantern and this article will make it more easy for you to get one. But lanterns come with their limitation and that is the lanterns won’t be able to stand on a wall like the torches do.

Without wasting time let’s get started with the article. Let’s start with the types of the Lantern.

Types of the Lantern

  1. A Regular Lantern
  2. A soul Lantern

Important ingredients to make a Lantern

  • Torch
  • 8 Iron nuggets

Step by Step process to make a lantern

Step 1: Crafting of Torch

To craft a torch you will need a stick and and a piece of coal. Once you find the sticks and wooden planks just place them in the crafting table like shown in the picture below. You will have a pickaxe from which you will be able to collect the coal.  Coal can be found in the cave at surface, in the sides of mountains, atop hills. After collecting the coal you can make torches in the survival inventory.

Now to make torches place one piece of coal in the crafting GUI and put a stick below the block of coal.

Making of a torch

Step 2: Getting Iron nuggets

After getting the torches ready you will require the iron nuggets. Getting iron nuggets is very easy though. You will need just one iron ingot to get 8 iron nuggets. You have to place 1 iron ingot in the crafting table and that will give you  9 iron nuggets. Still you will have one extra iron nugget.

Now you have every ingredient that is needed for the making of the Lantern. Let’s head to the next step.

Getting iron nuggets

Step 3: Making of the Lantern in Crafting table

You have both the ingredients that you need for the lantern. Now you just have to put them in the proper formation in the crafting table. Keep in mine that you have to follow the same formation or you will fail. You have to surround your torch with the iron nuggets. In no time you will have your lantern ready.

final making of lantern

Step 4: Soul lantern

There is one more thing about lanterns that you must know in the first place. “The Soul Lantern”. This lantern is same as the regular lantern but it has a blue texture to it. You will just have to use the soul torch in place of the ordinary torch. For making of the soul torch you just need to add the piece of soul sand in the recipe of torch which we have discussed in Step  2.

Soul lantern

FAQs about the Lantern

#1: Are lanterns better than torches in Minecraft

  • ANS: Definitely. Lantern can emit the light power of 15 which is more than the torches. Torches will only give you the power of 14.

#2: Can we make colored lanterns in Minecraft? How?

  • ANS: There is no way that you can add colors to your lanterns in Minecraft gaming. But fortunately there is one Mod that may help you if you really want to make your lantern colorful. Mod is called “Colored Lanterns”. We have provided the link of this mod below.
  • LINK: 


This was all that you needed to know about the lantern. if you are facing any problem with this article please let us know in the comment section. We will help you out. Happy exploring!

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