Dyes in Minecraft: Everything You Need to Know

What are Dyes? Where do you find Dyes? How to Make Dyes? How to Get Dyes? and much more.

by Chirag Parmar

There are sixteen different dyes available at this stage in Minecraft. You can use this dyes to change the colors of your wool, terracotta, concrete, beds, glass and wolf’s collar. If you do some interactions with the colored glass it may change the color that emitted by the beacon. You can choose from this wide range of the dye to showcase your building and tools exactly how you want to show it. This topic is considered as the most interesting and most useful for the Minecraft gamers.

So let’s start with where you can obtain these dyes. The table below is all about the dyes its color and where you can easily spot it and get it.

dye colors in Minecraft

Dyes and where/how you can Get them?

  1. White Dye: Bone meal or lily of the valley.
  2. Light gray Dye: Azure Bluet, Oxeye Daisy, Combine White Dye with Gray Dye, White tulip.
  3. Gray Dye: Combination of Black Dye with Bone meal or Ink Sac with White Dye.
  4. Black Dye: White Roses or Ink Sacs
  5. Brown Dye: Cocoa beans
  6. Red Dye: Red tulip, Poppy, Rose bush, Beetroots
  7. Orange Dye: orange Tulip or combination of Red Dye and Yellow Dye
  8. Lime Dye: Smelting Sea Pickles or the combination of of green dye and the white dye
  9. Green Dye: Smelting Cactus
  10. Cyan Dye: Combination of Green Dye and lapis lazuli/Blue Dye
  11. Light Blue Dye: Combination of Lapis Lazuli with Bone meal or the combination of Blue Dye with White Dye
  12. Blue Dye: Lapis Lazuli
  13. Purple Dye: Combinstion of Red Dye with Blue Dye or Lapis Lazuli
  14. Magneta Dye: Lilac, Alium, combination of Purple and Pink Dye
  15. Yellow Dye: Sunflowers or Dandelions
  16. Pink Dye: Pink Tulip, Peony, combination of Red Dye and White Dye

How to Get Dyes in Minecraft?

There are 7 main and primary colors in Minecraft from which you can make shades of dyes very easily. Most of the Dyes you can make with the flowers. Green and Brown are the basic colors but you can not find this colors from the flowers other five which you may find from the flowers are Black, Red, Yellow Blue and White.

Black Dye

In order to get black dye you will have to ready your sword and hunt down squids. The squids will give the ink sacs. If you want to go with an expensive way you can use wither roses to make black dye.

How to get black dye

Brown Dye

To get brown dye find the grown cocoa beans. Where can you find this cocoa beans? you may find cocoa beans in the jungle.

Green Dye

Getting a green dye is quite easy and you may get it from the plants of cactus.

Making of green dye

How to make Dyes in Minecraft?

In your village there must be a flower field and if you manage to find it you will get the most of the dyes there.

flowers in Minecraft

To make dyes from the flowers you just have to place those flowers in the crafting table and you will get the dye color from that flower. To make the combination dye you just have to put 2 different color of flowers in the crafting table. Below is the example of making of the purple dye with combining the red and the blue dye.

making of purple dye

Each dye recipe will yield two dyes for your use.

How to use dyes in Minecraft?

As we discussed in the first paragraph dyes are used to color you different kind of buildings and the different tools too. Talking about terracotta you can dye it. terracoota could be obtained by the smelting of the clay. To make the glazed terracotta you have to smelt it. Terracotta holds an unique amount of patterened shapes. If you want to color this thing with the blue color feel the whole crafting table with terracotta blocks just leave the centered spot for blue colored dye. and give process some time you will get the blue terracotta as the final product.

coloring terracotta

You can also stain glasses to make stained glass panes or simply add some color to the window.

You can also dye wool to make different color of bed. Isn’t it very good to have different colored beds. If you want to change the color of your bed you just have to put your bed along with the new color in the crafting table.

These was everything that you needed to know about the dyes. There is one more thing that i would describe as the Fun Fact. You should really know this Fact.

Fun Fact

The every colors of the dyes could be obtained by 1 cocoa bean, 2 yellow dyes, 2 ink sacs, 3 green dyes, 4 lapis lazuli, 4 red dye, 6 bone meals. Which means if you gather these things in the given amount you will have the every supplies of making of the dye in the first place.


These all were about the Dyes in Minecraft. If you are having trouble making of any of this dyes just leave a message in comment we will help you out regarding that. If you are having any issues with the article just let us know so that we may improvise. Happy Exploring!

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