CoD Mobile: Pine New Map, Headquarters & More Coming in Season 10

by Farhan Shaikh

Call of Duty Mobile is coming with a new season i.e, season 10. The developers of the game have confirmed the first batch of the upcoming content in season 10. In season 10, new maps, modes, classes and operator skills will be coming.

CoD Mobile Season 10 coming with Pine Map, Headquarters, Operator Skill & Hacker

With every season update, Call of Duty Mobile gets fresh content in the game. Earlier, the developers teased of what fans can expect. However, now a few of the details are revealed. In CoD Mobile season 10, Terminal Map is confirmed and we have informed you about it. If you don’t know about Terminal map then you can check out the post here:

CHECKOUT  Terminal Map in COD Mobile to Release On 10th September

Just a few days left for Season 10. If you don’t know, Season 10 is arriving on 10th September. So, here are some of the latest announcement made by the developers.

Changes coming in Season 10

  • New Map, Pine New Gunfight Map coming.
  • New Equalizer Operator Skill
  • New Multiplayer mode, Headquarters
  • Battle Royale class, Hacker!

About Pine Map

Pine map is the first Gunfight maps which was there in 2019’s Modern Warfare. In the upcoming season of CoD Mobile, Pine map is coming. This map was the most favourite in the Infinity Ward and it was the most refined 2v2 maps. Soon, all the COD players will be able to get the same experience as it will be available exclusively in Gunfight. However, you will not get this map in any big team battles. It will be there only for teams of two in the new season.

Equalizer Operator Skill in CoD Mobile Season 10

A brand-new Operator Skill can bring the momentum of the match in your favour. The Equalizer skill provides two machine guns with “in-built suppressors for close-quarters combat.” These weapons easily kill enemies. You don’t need to reload, they pack a big punch than you might expect. You can check out the trailer in the tweet.


In previous seasons, many iconic modes were transferred over. This season is also set to take over the CoD Mobile as it is bringing a new mode Headquarters to join in the spotlight. Headquarters is a new game mode, which runs similarly to its console counterpart. You need to control an aim to get points over time. When the team controls the headquarter, respawns will be disabled. And if another team gets control, then it’s up to you to wipe them out and destroy the present site.

Hacker Battle Royale class

With this, the players can hack the opposite player like never before. Hacker Battle Royale Class has some of the main features. Firstly, you can “black-out the minimaps” of your enemies. And if the opposite player is hacked, the nearby players also can’t use their weapons.

So, these are some of the new details which are revealed by the developers that are coming in CoD Season 10. As soon, as season 10 is available, we will provide you with all the details. Stay tuned to us for more and latest updates.

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