COD Mobile Season 10 Released With New Features, Events, Guns & More

by Farhan Shaikh

Call Of Duty Mobile season 10 has finally arrived. As the developers bring new features in every update, with this also the new features, maps, guns and more things have come. In the 10th Season of Call Of Duty Mobile a new game mode, a gun, a new character class, two new maps and more things are coming.

The file size of COD Mobile season 10 is between 230MB and 250MB.

The COD Mobile Season 10 update file size is reportedly between 230 and 250 MB, which isn’t all too big.

In the game, the season 10 Battle Pass has come with a lot of rewards to claim. Let us check out all the details of Call Of Duty Mobile Season 10.


COD Mobile season 10 update

Here is the list of features that have added in season 10:

  • Battle Pass
  • Gun
  • Maps
  • Events
  • Class

Battle Pass in COD Season 10

Battle Pass

In the Battle Pass, there are four new soldier skins added. If the players want then they can buy a Premium Pass for 220 CP and a Premium Pass Plus for 520 CP.

Four new Soldier Skins:

  • Mara – Valkyrie
  • Outrider – Amazonas
  • Makarov – Splinter
  • Mace – Tombstone

New Gun

Echo Gun

In the latest update of COD, a new automatic shotgun is added. If the players want this gun, they need to unlock the Echo for free from the Battle Pass. To obtain the gun, the players need to reach tier 21.

Echo is a semi-shotgun with very high damage, low recoils and better accuracy. This gun is good in close range. Echo gives damage of 93, Fire Rate 35, and Accuracy of 42.

Two new Maps 

There are two new maps added in the COD Mobile season 10. First one is the Terminal Map and the second is Pine Map.

Pine Map:

Pine map is the first Gunfight maps which were included with Modern warfare in 2019. And now, it has come to COD mobile. The players can now get the experience as it is available in Gunfight. However, you will not get this map in any big team battles. It will be exclusively available for teams of two.

[irp posts=”2438″ name=”CoD Mobile: Pine New Map, Headquarters & More Coming in Season 10″]

Terminal Map:

Terminal Map is added to the multiplayer map pool and is available to the gunfight mode.

[irp posts=”2420″ name=”Terminal Map in COD Mobile to Release On 10th September”]


Call of Duty Mobile has introduced a “Hacker” Battle Royale Class in season 10. The Hacker class was available in Beta version before season 10 arrived. As of now, the class is not available in the game, but soon it will be available.


These are the new events added to the COD game:

  • 10th September to 24th September there is Headquarters Mode (MP)
  • 10th Sept to 27th Sept Terminal 24/7 Playlist (MP)
  • 10th Sept to 17th Sept Boarding Pass Event (MP) ( Play the new Terminal Map, complete tasks, and get rewards.)
  • 10th Sept to 17th Sept Carpe Diem Event (MP) (In this you need to complete Headquarters related tasks and get Spec Ops 4 – Freight Train, new Weapon camos and more.

Few of the events will last till the end of the season:

  • Three New Seasonal Challenges
  • Credit Store update
  • The new monthly Login event

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