Call of Duty Mobile Season 2: Comeback of Ghost, New Scorestreak, Shoot House Map & More

by Farhan Shaikh
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Call of Duty Mobile season 1 has come to an end. Soon, the game will bring season 2 which will be called Day of Reckoning. The new season will be released within a few days. The developers of the game have already revealed a few of the features that will be coming to the mobile game. The COD Mobile season 2 will bring a new map, new weapons, scorestreaks, and more.

The developer has also announced the comeback of Ghost operator, which was earlier found on Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2019. In the comic’s last season, Ghost was killed and now it’s coming back in the COD Mobile season 2. English actor Jeff will operate the voice, who also voiced in COD Modern Warfare. A tweet is posted from the official COD Mobile account, that confirms the comeback of the Ghost operator.Β  With this, Season 2 will also bring many updates and new features.

Call of Duty Mobile Season 2 to Roll Out This Week

COD Mobile Season 2 will most probably roll out this week and the company has confirmed a new scorestreak called Napalm. In the new season, there will be a new mode called Gunfight Sniper. And for the battle royale players, the game will have new mode called Tank Battle.

One of the things that mostly highlights the game is the new map i.e, the Shoot House map. This map is a multiplayer map and is trained at frequent engagements and tactical play.

As per the reports, the new COD Mobile season 2 will bring new weapons and upgrade. There will be 4 new guns like
  • KRM-262 (Eagle Claw),
  • HVK-30 (Jumper Cable),
  • M4LMG (Checkpoint,
  • BK57 (Data Miner).Β 

Even the new characters and skins are also introduced. The characters are Maya and Mil-Sim – Brute.

There are rumors that the next COD Mobile season might launch on 11th March. However, there is no official confirmation release date out.

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