How to Find Call Of Duty Mobile Username (IGN) and User ID (UID)?

by Husen Memon

Since the Beta Version to the full-fledge launch of Call Of Duty Mobile, we have experienced lots of improvements and new features coming up in COD-Mobile. Mobile Gaming is rolling in full force and encouraging lots of new gamers to try the Battle Royale. Lots of Mobile Gaming events are organized by different games including PUBG Mobile and Call of Duty Mobile.  To participate in such events, you need to know your Call of Duty In-Game-Name (IGN) or Username and User ID (UID or Character ID). These identities have become very common and important to uniquely identify any user in the game. So how to find out these details? How to know your COD Mobile Username or IGN and User ID (UID) or Character ID.

PlayerZon also asks participants to Submit their COD Mobile Username and User ID (Character ID) so that they can uniquely identify each participant and check their Game Stats. So if you are participating in or Using COD M Tournaments App then you will need Username and User ID which you can grab by following the method given below.


What is Call Of Duty Mobile Username (IGN) and User ID (UID or Character ID)?

COD Mobile Username or IGN is a Unique Name that was asked to every user to choose while creating an account in the Game. It can be Alpha-numerical which also accepts any special character and any user can choose as per their choice unless the name is already taken by any other user before. The In-Game-Name can be changed by the user/player later on.

COD Mobile User ID (UID) or Character ID is a unique number or ID allotted to every user. It is a numerical and unique ID that the system automatically assigns to the user on registration in the game. It can’t be changed or modified later.

How to Find COD-M Username (IGN) and User ID (UID)?

Follow the easy steps below to find out your Call Of Duty Mobile Username and User ID.

  • Step 1 – Open Call Of Duty Mobile and let it load to the home screen. Also, close all the pop-ups that appears.
  • Step 2 – Click on the Profile menu available on the top left side.COD Mobile Username
  • Step 3 – You will be taken to the user section with the Menu on the top. The first option will show user loadout. Just select the second option from the Menu to go to the Profile Section.COD Mobile User Profile
  • Step 4 – You will be taken in the Profile Section where it will show your Username (in-game-name), UID (User ID), Profile Avatar, Account Level, and other Season and Account Stats. Just check for your required information. In this case, you can see your Username and UID, just copy them to use it. COD Mobile Username and User ID

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That’s it. So you now know how to easily grab your COD-M Username and User ID. Copy it and submit it wherever required. Enjoy playing COD Mobile and participate in Customs or Private Matches that are organized by different organizations. For the latest eSports and Gaming News, checkout PlayerZon News Blog and to Earn Money by Playing Games like PUBG Mobile, Free Fire, and COD Mobile, Download PlayerZon App. Thank you!

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