BMPS Season 1 Week 2 Day 2: Points table, OR eSports domination

OR on top with 6 chicken dinners : BMPS Season 1 day 6

by Karun Sharma

After a long time team Soul lose the top spot on points table and a next level domination shown by OR esports, getting a total of 354 points, where Soul and OR esports only teams till now to cross 350 points mark.

All the top 8 position were taken by old established teams which states experience matters a lot in big tournaments like BMPS, where good rotations and clam mindset keeps a team on top.

BMPS Season 1 Week 2 Day 2 : Points table , OR esports domination


BMPS Season 1 Week 2 Day 2 : Points table

PositionTeamMatchesWWCDFinish PointsPlacement PointsTotal Points
1OR Esports246168186354
2Team SouL244162149311
3Team XO246120130250
4Nigma Galaxy243118118236
5Hydra Official24290128218
6Hyderabad Hydras24290103193
7FS Esports24269123192
8Global Esports24211869187
97Sea Esports24010581186
10Big Brother Esports24210380183
11Enigma Gaming2409291183
12Auto Botz Esports2438296178
13ACBC Esports2408185166
14Blind Esports2409276166
16Team Kinetic2406688154
17R Esports2406388151
18Team INS2417275147
19Retribution RTR2415377130
20WSF Esports2404971120
21GOG Esports2405661117
22Team MG2404472116
23Initiative Academy2415356109
24UP50 Esports241514293

Team Xo and OR esports both got 2 chicken dinners and the first chicken dinner for UP50 trying to make a comeback as seeking a spot in top 16 spots, but still a lot of work to do as they are currently on last position.

BMPS Season 1 Week 2 Day 2 : Top Fraggers

Soul Goblin67
OR Aditya62
Soul Akshat45
BB Screams44
Nigma Galaxy MJ43

Watch the Live Stream and highlights of tournament on the official BGMI YouTube Channel. The Tournament will start at 5 pm and last match of the day will be played at 9 pm so be ready to watch the amazing fight and support your favourite team.

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