BGMI: How to Increase F/D Ratio in Battlegrounds Mobile India

by Farhan Shaikh

Battlegrounds Mobile India players maintain good stats like F/D ratio, K/D, headshots, etc. These are vital for players in each season. The gameplay of BGMI is similar to PUBG Mobile, so if you were a regular player of PUBG, then you will be knowing about maintaining stats.


What is F/D Ratio in BGMI?

In BGMI F/D ratio is the Finished/ Defeat ratio. It shows the ratio between the number of killed enemies and the number of matches you played. It is similar to the K/D ratio. It also shows the ability and the skill of the players.

How to Increase F/D Ratio in Battlegrounds Mobile India?

How to Increase FD Ratio in BGMI

Here is the full guide on how to increase the F/D ratio in BGMI.

1. Increase the Precision

Players need to improve their skills to increase the F/D ratio in BGMI. Make sure you are comfortable with all the weapons and the recoil patterns. The precision or accuracy in BGMI is very important. There are many players who use the Aim Assist, but they shoot like a bot after a long season. So, it’s better to turn off the Aim Assist and improve your accuracy skills.

2. Don’t Rush

Many players often rush and become aggressive to increase the ratio, but you should not rush. In BGMI, first, adjust the gameplay and take advantage of the TPP view to kill enemies easily. Be careful when you are left alone, and all other teammates are finished. At such time, you should defend and kill enemies one by one.

3. Weapon Expertise

Players should be experts with the guns and other weapons in the game. It is said that being an expert in all the weapons is the key to increasing the F/D ratio. You must understand the weapon combination to get a high number of kills. The best weapon combinations are M416 and AKM, and M416 and DP-28.

4. Stick to your Squad

One of the best ways to get a high F/D ratio is to play with your squad. Do not change your teammates, as everyone knows each other’s gameplay. If you play with any random players, then you do not share the same synergy. Most of the random players don’t go with you and turn off their microphones, which leads you to trouble.

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