BGMI: Best Loot Locations in Battlegrounds Mobile India

by Farhan Shaikh
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Krafton launched BGMI a PUBG Mobile alternative for Indian users. The game is all about looting the in-game items to survive in the game to win Chicken Dinner. However, it can be tricky to get loot items, if you don’t know the best spots in the game.


The players have more chances to win the match if they have all the loot items. The main aim of the players is to climb up the leaderboard and to Push rank. Every player has their own way to play the game, some of them like to fight the early battles, and some do not.  And for rank push, every player needs a good amount of loot.

Best Loot Locations in BGMI for Good Loot

Best Loot Locations in BGMI

1. Mylta Power

Mylta Power is located at the edge of the Erangel map. It has a good amount of loot even for a single player. And the other Squad can loot in the nearby area of the Mylta Power. Here you will get the best machine guns, helmets, sniper rifles, and more.

2. Quarry (Erangel)

It is the safest place to land as there will be no one for an early fight. You will find a good amount of loot like weapons, helmets, and more that will help you in the upcoming matches.

3. Sosnovka Military Base

Sosnovka Military Base is a popular place to get cool weapons. Mostly, the Pro squads land here to get the best loot and there is a lot of action taking place here with early deaths. So, make sure you are a pro player before you land here. Here players need to reach by swimming or crossing one bridge.

4. Kampong (Sanhok)

Sanhok is the smallest map in the BGMI game. As the map is smaller in the size, the player will have heated fights, and it’s difficult to find a safe spot on this map. However, on the Sanhok map, Kampong is the safest place where you will see fewer fights in the early stages.

5.  El Azahar (Miramar)

El Azahar is the center location of the Miramar map and it is very easy to find and reach on the spot. You will find a decent amount of loot. In terms of zone rotations, it can be one of the easiest locations.

6. Water Town (Erangel)

In Erangel map, Water Town is also the safest landing spot. Here, you will hardly find any enemies so, you can easily get in-game items here.

7. Georgopol

Georgopol is one of the most popular places to land. The players can land on top of the crates and get high-level loot. The quantity of loot is enough for the whole squad.

8. Farm

The farm is located in the middle of the Erangel map. Other landing hotspots like Pochinki, Mylta, and Novorepnoye make this place safe to land in BGMI. From this location, gamers get hold of good loot.

So, these are some of the best loot places in Battlegrounds Mobile India.

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