BGMI: How to Gift in-game Items to Friends in Battlegrounds Mobile India

by Farhan Shaikh

Battlegrounds Mobile India is currently available for Android users only in India. It is almost the same as the PUBG Mobile game, which was ban last year in September in India due to security reasons. This multiplayer game has gained a lot of popularity within no time.

BGMI allows the players to customize their in-game characters by using skins, clothing, cosmetics, and more. Using the costumes, skins, and other items makes you look amazing, but you need to buy this stuff by paying UC (In-game currency).  However, the game also lets you gift these items to your friends in the BGMI game.

If you don’t know how to gift items to your friends in BGMI, then check out the details below and gift the in-game items to your BGMI friends.

How to Gift In-Game Items to your Friends in BGMI?

  1. Open the Battlegrounds Mobile India game on your smartphone
  2. At the top-right side of the home screen click on the Shop icon
    Gift items to friends
  3. Scroll down the panel and click on Give
  4. Here you will see items that can be gifted to your friends
    BGMI Gift items
  5. Choose the item under any category
  6. Then click on the GIVE icon
    Gift items to friends in BGMI
  7. Select the friend whom you want to give and click on Give.
  8. Now, Purchase the item by using UC
    BGMI Gift items to freinds
  9. That’s it! The item will be gifted to your friend.

NOTE: There are few requirements that you must note before your gift in-game items to your friends.

Requirements to Gift Items to Friends in BGMI

  • You will need Synergy points 20 or more
  • Can’t gift to new friends (Must be friends for 24 hours)
  • Character Level should be more than Level 3

Items you can Gift to Friends 

  • Treasures: Royale Pass Upgrade card, Chat Item, 100-RP point card, classic crate coupon scraps, premium crate coupon scraps, Elite Pass Plus Upgrade Card.
  • Outfits: Legendary Outfits, hats, glasses, masks, tops, bottoms, shoes, and helmet skins.
  • Weapons: Melee weapon skins of the crowbar and pan.
  • Vehicles: Baseball Jet Ski skin for the speedboat
  • Others: Some parachute skins

You can also send gifts to the player’s space, this will help the player to increase the popularity.

How to Gift Item to Player’s Space?

For this, requirements are:

  • Account Level should be at Level 25
  • In a day, spend 15 minutes in Battle (Classic Mode)

Steps to Gift Item to Friends from the Players section

  1. From the top-left corner click on Player Section which is below your username
  2. Click on the Profile image of any player
  3. From the extended tab, choose  Send a Gift option
    Gift Friends
  4. Select any sticker from the list
  5. Click on Give to send the gift to the selected player
  6. Pay the UC to purchase the item
  7. Once the payment is done, you can send it to your friend.

There are many other things that can’t be gifted. Like, players can’t gift Clothes and Items that are present in their Inventory.

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