Terminal Map in COD Mobile to Release On 10th September

by Farhan Shaikh

Call of Duty Mobile has started teasing about the upcoming content in Season 10. As of now, Season 9 is live in the COD multiplayer game. Call of Duty has announced a new Map coming in Season 10. The map is “Terminal New Multiplayer Map”.


Terminal New Multiplayer Map Coming In Season 10 Update

A new multiplayer map “Terminal” is coming in Call of Duty on September 10. The announcement was made on Twitter on the official page of COD mobile. Just a few days ago, the developers teased the map on twitter by posting a picture and said next season coming.

The terminal multiplayer map was first introduced in Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2. And now, the same map is arriving in Call of Duty mobile version. The terminal is a medium-sized map with lounges, aeroplanes and boarding area.

In India, PUBG Mobile is banned and after that gamers are trying out different games. In this, COD mobile is becoming popular among gamers. Already three teams from India are qualified for COD Mobile World Championships.

[irp posts=”2377″ name=”Indian Government Bans PUBG Mobile among 118 Chinese Apps”]

The team of COD Mobile has posted a tweet and said, the new map is coming to the mobile version.

Most of the COD Mobile players thought the new map will be coming in Season 9 update, but that didn’t happen. As the game already released the map in the beta version earlier.

So, if you have access to COD Mobile Beta version, then you can enjoy playing in the Terminal Map. You don’t need to wait for the Season 10 update. Just after a few days, you will be able to board flights on the Terminal Map.

If you don’t know, then here is the list of multiplayer maps in COD Mobile.

Multiplayer maps in COD Mobile

  1. Crash
  2. Crossfire
  3. Firing range
  4. Hijacked
  5. Killhouse
  6. Nuketown
  7. Raid
  8. Standoff
  9. Takeoff
  10. Standoff Halloween (map removed in season 3 )
  11. Summit (Season 2)
  12. Winter raid (map removed in season 3)
  13. Scrapyard (Season 3)
  14. Cage (Season 4)
  15. Meltdown (Season 5)
  16. Rust (Season 6)
  17. Saloon (Season 6)
  18. Tunisia (Season 7)
  19. Gulag showers (Season 7)
  20. Highrise (Season 8)
  21. Shipment 1944 (Season 9)

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