PMWL East 2020: Teams Qualified for Super Weekend 2

by Farhan Shaikh
  • PUBG Mobile World Leauge East 2020’s league play games are over. On the top, we can see team BTR with 97 points and 46 kills.
  • The shocking news is that Yoodo Gank has not made it to super weekend this time. In last super weekend, Yoodo Gank took hat trick chicken dinner and they performed very well but this time they did not even qualified for a super weekend.
  • Team Morph and Team Godlike not going to play in second super weekend also. So this is very bad news for their fans. Now after this only one week games remaining. So we will get our PMWL champions so soon.

Here is the schedule of PMWL East 2020 Super Weekend Week 2: PMWL East 2020 Super Weekend Week 2 Full Schedule

PMWL East 2020 Teams Qualified for Super Weekend 2

  1. BTR RA- 97 Points (46 kills)
  2. Team Secret- 95 Points (38 Kills)
  3. Valdus- 93 Points (45 kills)
  4. RRQ Athena- 81 Points (32 Kills)
  5. Megastars- 79 Points (32 kills)
  6. FreeStyle- 78 Points (18 kills)
  7. Box Gaming-77 Points (26 Kills)
  8. GXR Celtz- 75 Points (34 Kills)
  9. U LEVEL UP- 75 Points (20 kills)
  10. TSM-Entity- 74 Points (35 kills)
  11. Reject Scarlett- 73 Points (33 kills)
  12. Orange Rock- 66 Points (28 kills)
  13. TeamIND- 63 Points (30 Kills)
  14. King Of Gamers Club- 62 Points (15 Kills)
  15. Synerge- 61 Points (24 Kills)
  16. T1- 59 Points (23 kills)

If you have missed league play games or last super weekend results then have a look at suggestions below.

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