PMWL East 2020: League Play Week 2 Day 1 Results and Overall Standings

by Farhan Shaikh

PUBG Mobile World Leauge 2020 is on. Week one is over and we can see the overall standing of PMWL East 2020 Week 1 over here: PMWL East 2020: Super Weekend Week 1 Results and Overall Standings

As per schedule daily there is going to be five matches as per the schedule. After 10 games there will be one day off and a super weekend will get started. From league play, we will get top 16 teams who will fight for the ultimate championship of PMWL East 2020. More details about prize money find out here: [PMWL] PUBG Mobile World League 2020 Prize Money, Groups & Teams

Sneak Peek From Day 1 Games

  • In the first day schedule, we have matched only on two maps. From total five games, three will be on the map of Erangle and two will be on the map of Sanhok.
  • The first game of week 2 was so interesting just because all the team which made it to the last circle was on the bottom of the table on the last weekend. This just proves that all anyone can become champion this time.
  • In the first game team, freestyle secures chicken dinner and they are in the mood to dominate other teams this time.
  • Valdus The Murder successfully took chicken dinner in the second game but BTR RA secured 10 points with just kills and 6 placement points so in total 16 points.
  • In third game team T1 secured chicken dinner with 7 kills. It was one vs two situations and T1 got the final kill.

PMWL East 2020 League Play Week 2 Day 1 Schedule

All 20 teams will get a chance to play league play games. But the points of these games will not be counted in a super weekend. These points just help teams to qualify for the super weekend games.


PMWL East 2020 League Play Week 2 Day 1 Results

These are the live results of Week 2 day 1 game. Refresh the page after each game

GameMapWinner TeamPoints
#1ErangelFreeStyle28 (8 Kills)
#2SanhokValdus The Murder30 (10 Kills)
#3ErangelT127 (7 Kills)
#4SanhokU LEVEL UP26 (6 Kills)
#5ErangelTeam Secret35 (15 Kills)

PMWL East 2020 League Play Week 2 Day 1 Overall Standings

Overall standing after all games of week 2 day 1. Here you will find total points and overall kills of each team.

  1. Valdus- 58 Points (25 kills)
  2. BTR RA- 52 Points (29 kills)
  3. U LEVEL UP- 47 Points (10 kills)
  4. TSM-Entity- 46 Points (22 kills)
  5. T1- 46 Points (19 kills)
  6. Megastars- 46 Points (13 kills)
  7. Orange Rock- 45 Points (18 kills)
  8. Reject Scarlett- 45 Points (17 kills)
  9. FreeStyle- 45 Points (12 kills)
  10. Team Secret- 44 Points (19 Kills)
  11. RRQ Athena- 41 Points (18 Kills)
  12. GXR Celtz- 33 Points (20 Kills)
  13. Yoodo Gank-30 Points (14 Kills)
  14. Nochance Team-28 Points (12 Kills)
  15. Synerge- 24 Points (10 Kills)
  16. Morph Team- 24 Points (7 Kills)
  17. TeamIND- 23 Points (10 Kills)
  18. King Of Gamers Club- 15 Points (4 Kills)
  19. Box Gaming-14 Points (6 Kills)
  20. NOVA GODLIKE- 5 Points (1 Kill)

PMWL East 2020 Top 5 Teams (Kill Leader)

  1. BTR RA- 52 Points (29 kills)
  2. Valdus- 58 Points (25 kills)
  3. TSM-Entity- 46 Points (22 kills)
  4. GXR Celtz- 33 Points (20 Kills)
  5. T1- 46 Points (19 kills)

Top five teams who have secured most kills during today’s games.

So it was all about PMWL East 2020 Week 2 Day 1 game. If you have missed past updates or you wanna have look at other stuff about PMWL then have a look our website’s blog section.

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