COD Mobile Season 5 Deep Water Launched: New Maps, Weapons, & Rewards

by Farhan Shaikh
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The wait is over for Call of Duty: Mobile players, as the new season has finally arrived. Activision’s popular battle royale game COD: Mobile season 5 is “In Deep Water” and is rolled out globally including India. According to the sources, the season 5 update is scheduled to arrive on June 28 at 7 PM CT. So, the Indian players will be able to download the game on June 29 after 5:30 AM.


COD Mobile Season 5 Update Now Available for Download

COD Mobile season 5 deep water

With the new season of COD: Mobile, all the players will be able to have access to the new multiplayer maps like Suldal Harbor, Aniyah Incursion, and Docks. Even it has brought new modes including Confirmed and Ground Mission. There are new rewards, weapons like semi-automatic rifle CR-56 AMAX and the close-range 725 shotgun.

COD: Mobile has in-game paid items, that cost thousands of COD Points. There are weapons that players can grab by participating in some lucky draws and can get for free. In every season, developers bring Legendary Lucky draws and even this time they have brought it.

As per the reports, this season has brought six lucky draws, including the draw that will have Legendary Ghost. A Twitter user has posted a tweet that shows the Legendary lucky draws of COD: Mobile Season 5.

Legendary Lucky Draw of COD: Mobile Season 5

There are six lucky draws in the COD: Mobile season 5 with different rewards. Here are the details of the rewards:

1. Legendary Lucky Draw for RDP

  • RPD – Practical Joker (Legendary)
  • New Operator: Gunzo (Epic)
  • Epic items from ‘Gag’ series
  • Balloon Animal – Legendary Charm
  • Epic Emote
  • Legendary Calling Card

2. Dame Draw (CR-56 AMAX)

  • CR-56 Amax – Red Death (Legendary)
  • New Operator: Dame (Epic)
  • Epic items from ‘Regicide’ series
  • ‘Havoc Created’ Legendary Calling Card
  • Spray and Emote (Epic)

3. Legendary Ghost & Shorty

  • Ghost – Retribution (Legendary), with his dog Riley for Clown BR Class.
  • Shorty – Last Resort (Legendary)
  • Epic items from ‘Comeback’ series
  • M4 – Vengeance (Epic)
  • Metallic Ghost – Legendary Charm
  • Epic Emote
  • Legendary Calling Card

4. ASM10’s

  • Firebreak – Searaven (Epic)
  • ASM10 – Abyssal Agent (Legendary)
  • Epic items from ‘Waterproof’ series
  • Avatar and Emote (Epic)
  • Legendary Calling Card

5. Legendary Type 25

  • Type 25 – Magnetic Engine (Legendary)
  • Spectre – Crash Test (Epic)
  • Epic items from ‘unstoppable’ series
  • J358 – Hot Spot
  • Dead Smiley – Legendary Charm
  • Legendary Calling Card

6. ‘Locus’ lucky draw

  • Locus – Neptune (Legendary)
  • Alias – Deep Diver (Epic)
  • Legendary Calling Card
  • Epic items from ‘Ghost of Sea’ series
  • Sticker and Emote (Epic)

The developers will reveal the official name in the COD: Mobile season 5.

Season 5 is now live on Play Store and App Store. COD Mobile season 5 brings the Ghost, a new themed event, new maps, Operators, Weapon Blueprints, and 50 Battle Pass Tiers.

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