PMWL East 2020: League Play Week 1 Day 1 Results and Overall Standings

by Farhan Shaikh

PMWL East 2020 Leauge play weekend is started. So here we will be updating all games results live. Also, you will find PMWL East 2020 overall standing of week one day 1.

Before anything else check out few recommendations about PMWL East 2020:

Sneak Peek From Day 1 Games

  • PMWL Leauge plays week 1 day 1 is on and the best thing about the first game is that an Indian team took chicken dinner. Previously we have seen many games but all those games were just played to decide groups. The real championship has started now.
  • Indian teams are doing so good till now. In the first two, we got to see the Indian team taking chicken dinner. Not only this in the last circle there were only Indian teams were surviving.
  • In the third game where last year champs have shown why they known as champions. BTR has just proved that no one can beat them easily. This match has changed almost everything.


PMWL East 2020 League Play Schedule

Have a look at this table where we have mentioned games which will be played on which map and between which groups.


PMWL East Leauge plays new groups:

PMWL East 2020 League Play Week 1 Day 1 Results

So here are the results of the first day of the first week. In this, you can see the map and winner with their total points including kills.

GameMapWinner TeamPoints
#1ErangelMegastars29 (9 Kills)
#2VikendiOrangeRock36 (16 Kills)
#3ErangelBTR RA31 (11 Kills)
#4VikendiRRQ28 (8 Kills)
#5ErangelTeam Secret28 (8 Kills)

PMWL East 2020 League Play Week 1 Day 1 Overall Standings

PMWL East 2020: League Play Week 1 Day 1 Results and Overall Standings

Live overall standing of PMWL East 2020 league play is here. This list gets updated after each game so try to bookmark this page for easy access to overall scores of PMWL Week 1 Day 1.

  1. NoChance -Points 64 (23 Kills)
  2. OrangeRock -Points 63 (28 Kills)
  3. Yoodo-Gank-Points 55 (25 Kills)
  4. RRQ Ath-Points 54 (22 Kills) 
  5. GXR Celtz-Points 50 (21 Kills)
  6. KOG-Points 42 (18 Kills)
  7. Bigtron RedAliens -Points 41 (18 Kills)
  8. Secret-Points 39 (11 Kills)
  9. FreeStyle-Points 35 (13 Kills)
  10. BOX -Points 34 (18 Kills) 
  11. MegaStars-Points 33 (10 Kills)
  12. Valdus-Points 31 (11 Kills) 
  13. TeamIND-Points 28 (10 Kills)
  14. U LevelUP Esports -Points 25 (13 Kill)
  15. TSM Entity -Points 24 (13 Kills)
  16. REJECT.Scarlett -Points 20 (5 Kills)
  17. Synerge-Points 19 (8 Kills)
  18. T1-Points 19 (6 Kills)
  19. NOVA GL -Points 16 (4 Kill)
  20. MORPH -Points 14 (4 Kills)

PMWL East Top 5 Teams (Kill Leader)

Top Teams with most kills list will get updated here

  1. OrangeRock (28 Kills)
  2. Yoodo-Gank (25 Kills)
  3. NoChance (23 Kills)
  4. RRQ Ath (22 Kills) 
  5. GXR Celtz (21 Kills)

So it was all about the first day of PMWL East 2020 league play. If you love to read about PUBG Mobile or Freefire news then have a look at our blog section. As we do post daily updates about all games and ESports events.

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