How to Cure or Heal a Zombie Villager in Minecraft?

by Chirag Parmar

Hello! Ever wonder that zombies are supposed to infect the villagers but could villagers turn a zombie into a villager? We are here to show you that how you can turn a Zombie Villager into a Regular villager in Minecraft. Here we are introducing an easy and a step by step process to do the same. So let’s begin…


Before we begin, there are some requirements that you need to fulfill in advance to cure/heal a zombie villager.

  1. A Splash Potion of weakness.
  2. A golden apple (in this article you’ll see how to make one).

Let’s start step by step to Cure a Zombie Villager easily.

Step 1: Making of Splash Potion

Go to the brewing stand pick up a potion of weakness and add some gunpowder into it. After a few seconds Splash potion of weakness is ready for use. Save the Splash potion of weakness and follow the next steps.

Make Splash Potion of Weakness to Cure a Zombie Villager


Step 2: Making of a Golden Apple

For making a golden apple you need an Apple and to do so you need to cut down a tree (not the real one, the one in the game. Funny!). Now surround the apple with 8 ingots. The question must pop in your mind that what are ingots and how can you make them? Follow the next step to make ingots.

Make Golden Apple to Heal A Zombie Villager in Minecraft

Step 3: Making the gold ingots

To make gold ingots first of all you need an iron pickaxe for mining. You need to go to crafting to make an iron pickaxe. Once the iron pickaxe is ready you just need to go to mining. There below the ground level of 32 gold ore will spawn and has a ratio shown below.

Gold ore to gold ingots = 1:1

Once you have the gold ingots and an apple all you need to do is place them into the crafting table and there you go the golden apple is ready…

Step 4: Find a zombie villager and don’t let it escape

To cure a zombie villager, you need to find one. As soon as you find the zombie villager make fences around it so that it cannot escape. This is that situation when you save a person from his death and he will serve you like he never did it to anyone else.

Throw the splash weakness potion on the zombie and confirm that it has an impact on the zombie by confirming the grey particles coming out of it.

Healing a Zombie Villager in Minecraft

Step 5: Use the golden apple on time

As soon as you see the grey particles coming out right-click on the zombie with the golden apple in your hand and feed it. After in no time, the zombie will start shaking and the red particles will come out of it. Fictionally speaking it is the demon soul of a zombie. And now you feed it so you are the God of it.

How to Cure or Heal a Zombie Villager in Minecraft?

So here where it ends you have successfully gained the idea of turn a zombie villager on your side. Happy Crafting!

Frequently Asked Questions

To help you more here are some frequently asked questions about curing the Zombie.

#1: What is the actual time of the whole process? Or How much time it will require for the whole curing process? Or How long does It take to cure a zombie?

Ans:  Let’s estimate the whole time for curing the zombie.

It will take 20 seconds to make a Splash weakness potion once you start brewing it. And the making of the whole golden apple thing (from making pickaxe, mining the gold ore to making ingots, and putting it on an apple) will take almost 1-1.5 minutes. Let’s say it take few more seconds 2 minutes. After feeding the golden apple to the zombie it will take you a total time of 5 minutes to cure it. Until then it will react as a zombie its self.

Final estimation: 20+120+120+300=560 seconds (around 9 minutes)

#2: Is there any other way to throw the potion on a zombie?

Ans: Yes, you may do it with a witch on your side. And to find a witch first you have to find a witch hut or you have to wait for the lightning to strike on one of your normal villagers.

#3: Can villagers turn into zombies?

Ans: Yes, when zombies attack your village, and if one of your villagers gets killed by the zombie they become zombies as well.

So that’s all about healing or curing an infected or a zombie villager. If you face any issues or problems while facing any of the mentioned steps then do let us know in the comments below and we would be more than happy to help out a gamer!

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