COD Mobile Season 5 Details Leaked Ahead of Launch

by Farhan Shaikh

Call of Duty: Mobile season 5 is the upcoming season of COD Mobile. The new season will be called “In Deep Water,” however, it’s not known that the new season will bring special modes or not. Just like other seasons, it is expected that the new season will introduce new weapons. There are rumors that it might bring a new map as well.

However, season 5 of COD: Mobile is not yet released, but a few of the details have been leaked ahead of launch. Let us check out the features, weapons, release date, and other details.


What’s new in COD: Mobile Season 5

In the battle pass, there can be characters including Thomas Merrick, David Walker, Keegan Russ, Logan Walker.

Release Date of COD Mobile Season 5

The fourth season of COD Mobile is going on, and the game will end on June 28 at 7 pm CST (5: 30 AM IST on June 29). After this, season 5 will be starting officially at 5: 30 AM IST on June 30 (7 PM CST on June 29).

COD Mobile season 5 will bring a new battle pass which has 50 tiers of rewards.

New Weapons

The upcoming season 5 has teased two new weapons CR-56 AMAX and 725 shotgun from Modern Warfare. CR-56 AMAX is an assault rifle that comes in mid-range. All the players can customize the weapon to different playstyles. And the other one, 725 shotgun, is a double-barreled shotgun.

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Update Size

The update size is not known yet, but most probably, it will be around 2GB for both Android and iOS devices. So, for updating the game to its latest version, make sure your device has enough space.

Leaks and Other Features

According to the leaked details, in the COD Mobile Season 5, there will be new maps added, new characters, new weapons, and much more.

There will be a new map called Docks map from Modern Warfare 2019. It is set in London shipyard, and it is a small map and will be used for the one vs. one and two on two modes. There will be a new character named Legendary Ghost.

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