Call Of Duty Mobile Confirms Season 11: All Details Here

by Farhan Shaikh

Call of Duty Mobile is soon releasing a new season of the game. COD Mobile season 11 is not so far. As we all know, the game gets updated regularly with the new season which brings new features to the game. Soon, season 10 is going to end and the next season is already in the news. Recently, COD: Mobile celebrated its one-year anniversary and is doing a giveaway.

Last year, the game celebrated Halloween by releasing the Standoff night map. So, the players were wondering if the developers are planning something similar for this year also. And the speculations are right, as Call Of Duty Mobile is bringing Season 11 with Standoff Halloween map.

Season 11 of Call of Duty Mobile will be released in mid-October, i.e., on 15th October. Usually, before releasing every season, the developers first do a beta test, where players can try some features before they are added to the season. However, this time, the developers have decided not to test the server for this season. This is done because the developers want to keep this update as a surprise of the First anniversary.

Call of Duty Mobile has confirmed that Standoff Halloween map is coming in Season 11. The developers have posted a dark picture of Standoff on Twitter.

Apart from the map, there are few other leaks of Call Of Duty Mobile season 11. However, one of the leaks is Night Mode, which is confirmed by COD that it is working on this feature. There is no news about Zombies, as of now. It is said that Call of Duty Mobile might release the Night Mode for both battle royale and Multiplayer.

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Leaks of Season 11:

There are few leaks about the upcoming features in season 11 of COD Mobile:

  • Alcatraz map
  • Night-mode map
  • Tracer bullets
  • New scorestreak

The theme for Season 11 is going to be Halloween. So, let’s wait and watch what new features are coming with Call Of Duty Mobile season 11.

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