BGMI: How to Increase the K/D Ratio in Battlegrounds Mobile India

The average KD ratio of a player is 1.00.

by Farhan Shaikh
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Battlegrounds Mobile India and PUBG Mobile are almost similar except for a few features and rules. So, if you were a regular player of PUBG Mobile, then there won’t be an issue getting to know the gameplay of BGMI.

Most of the BGMI players maintain good stats in the game by working hard in each season. One of the stats is the K/D ratio; it is directly related to the kills in BGMI. It is good if you improve the KD ratio stats if you have seen all the streamers have a high KD ratio.


What is the K/D Ratio in BGMI?

The more kills you have, the high is your KD ratio in BGMI. It is also called the Kill Death ratio, which shows the number of enemies you defeated while surviving the game. The KD ratio is calculated in Classic matches only both in TPP and FPP modes.

The average KD ratio of a player is 1.00. If the ratio is under 1.00, this means the player is dying more than they are killing. And if the ratio is above 1.00, this means the player is killing more enemies than dying.

Tips to Consider to Increase KD Ratio in BGMI:

  • Improve aiming skills
  • Use the best weapon in every match
  • Practice fighting regularly
  • Customize sensitivity control

How to Increase K/D Ratio in Battlegrounds Mobile India?

How to increase KD Ratio in BGMI

Here are some ways to increase the KD Ratio in BGMI.

1. Have a Proper Squad

Make sure you have a proper squad while you start a match with your friends. Everyone in the squad should know the gameplay technique of every player. As you all will be knowing each other techniques, it will be very helpful to increase the KD ratio in the game. Do remember, never play with a random player if you want to increase the stats in the game.

2. Proper Internet Connection & a Good Device

Both a mobile phone and a stable internet connection play an important role while you play the game. The player gets a proper Frames Per Second (FPS) with a good device and has less lag in close gunfights.

3. Play Solo Vs. Squad Matches

This is one of the best choices to increase the KD Ratio in BGMI. Solo vs. Squad means there will be no one to steal your kills, and you will get more kills.

4. Improve your Aiming Skills

You must use your Thumbs to aim faster. However, if you are a gyroscope player, then you need to use thumbs instead of the gyro. Using thumbs, you will be more accurate while aiming.

5. Use Best Weapons

Using an Assault Rifle is the best weapon to increase your KD ratio in the game. The Assault Rifle has high damage and is the best weapon to switch to another if the ammo is finished. You can also use weapons like M249, M762, AJN, GROZA, and MK14.

These are some of the best ways to increase the KD ratio in the Battlegrounds Mobile India. We hope this article was helpful to you.

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