Aghori Gaming’s Free Fire ID, Earnings from YouTube, Subscribers & Story

by Shanteev Bhatia

Aghori Gaming, also known as SVR Aghori is a popular gaming youtuber. He is well known for playing and streaming Gareena Free Fire and is a popular figure in the Free Fire community. Free Fire with an ever-growing player base, has had a great year. Gareena’s mobile battle royale faced off against famous titles such as PUBG Mobile and COD Mobile. In a rapidly growing gaming industry and growing popularity, Free Fire has attracted a large number of content creators from around the world such as Aghori Gaming.  He is the leader of the popular Free Fire Guid named SURVIVORS Guild. He started his Youtube channel in 2014 and has over 460k subscribers.

Aghori Gaming Free Fire ID


Aghori’s Free Fire ID, IGN & Name

  • Aghori’s Free Fire ID is 46454168
  • Aghori’s Free Fire IGN or Username is AGHORIGAMING
  • Aghori’s Real Name is Sanju Mali
  • Aghori’s Guild Name is SURVIVORS

Aghori Gaming’s Real Name and Photo

Aghori Gaming’s real name is Sanju Mali and he is from a small village of Gujarat. You can check his real photos on his instagram handle and attaching one below.

Aghori Gaming Real Photo

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Aghori Gaming Earnings or Income from Youtube

Aghori Gaming YouTube Earnings

According to SocialBlade, Aghori Gaming makes somewhere between $325-$5.2k per month which is roughly 3,83,000 rupees per month. Annually he makes up to 46,11,325 rupees.  He is ranked 154,695th globally and his channel is ranked as 8266th in India.

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Note: This revenue only accounts for the ad revenue received from Youtube on monetized videos and does not account for revenue received from sponsorships and paid endorsements. Also, this is just an estimate provided by SocialBlade based on the YouTube Video Views, Subscribers and other relevant stats. His original earnings or income from YouTube might be different.

Aghori’s Free Fire Stats

Aghori Gaming Free Fire Stats

Aghori Gaming has appeared in 8667 squad matches, winning 2102 of them, for a win percentage of 24.25 percent. He has a kill-to-death ratio of 3.20 with 20997 kills.

In duo mode, the streamer has played 2325 games and defeated his opponents in 357, resulting in a 15.35 percent win rate. He has collected 5473 frags with a K/D ratio of 2.78 in the process.

The content creator has also competed in 2593 solo matches, winning 293 of them for a win percentage of 11.29 percent. He has a K/D ratio of 2.85 with 6552 eliminations.

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Aghori Free Fire KD

In the current ranked season, SRV Aghori Gaming has played in 427 squad games, winning 77 of them for an overall win rate of 18.03 percent. He has 1044 kills in these matches, with a K/D ratio of 2.98.

In 197 duo matches, the content creator has gone undefeated nine times, giving him a win percentage of 4.56 percent. He has a K/D ratio of 1.86 and  he has 349 frags.

The Youtuber has won three of his 25 solo games, giving him a win percentage of 12.00 percent. He has 82 eliminations with a K/D ratio of 3.73.

Note: These stats were recorded on 03/05/21 and will be change overtime as the player plays more games of Gareena Free Fire.

His Story

Aghori Gaming has been uploading videos to his YouTube channel for more than two years, and he hasn’t looked back since. He currently has uploaded 127 videos with a total of 13 million views. The channel is ranked 8266th in India in terms of subscriber numbers and 154,695th in the world in terms of subscriber numbers. Aghori’s Youtube growth has been steady and organic. When he started he was averaging 4k views per video and overtime kept growing and now averages 85k views per video. As of now he is one of the biggest Indian Mobile Gaming Youtubers on the platform along the likes of Total Gaming, Nobru, Gyan Gaming, etc.

On his Youtube channel he uploads Free Fire matches, 1v1’s,  challenges, Vlogs and story time videos. He and his friends often play Free Fire together and commentate over the gameplay often making jokes. The challenge videos he does involve Free Fire as well as he comes up with challenges to do in game and tries to beat the challenge making  entertaining content for his channel. His vlogs on the other end show his real life, in his volgs he shows us the village where he lives with his family and friends. The story time videos on his channel are where he talks about how he met his friends ( Ajjubhai94 and AMITBHAI) and also shares funny and interesting stories about his childhood. Other videos on his channel are the SURVIVORS guild, the guild which he is a part of facing off against other teams/guilds. He posts the match gameplay with his commentary and insights on the match. He also makes videos talking about new updates and features added to Free Fire and shows us his reaction to them.

His most popular video is “एक छोटे गांव😣 के YouTuber का Gaming 🎮 Setup Tour” in which he talks about his gaming setup and how he records his videos in his shop. He shows up the phone he uses to play Free Fire and the mic and headphones he uses to record audio and do voice overs in his videos. The video was uploaded in October 2020 and has 2.2 million views and 341k likes till date.  The comments on the video are full of praises for Aghori Gaming, a lot of people relate to his struggle and are happy to see somebody from such small beginnings following his dreams and making it big on Youtube.

In November of 2020 Aghori Gaming received the Youtube silver play button award. The Silver Play button is a silver plaque awarded to content creators by Youtube when they cross 100,000 subscribers on their Youtube channel. Aghori Gaming made a heartfelt video unboxing the silver play button with his parents and thanking his fans for making it possible for him to receive this prestigious award.

So what’s next for Aghori? Aghori Gaming is still going strong and continuing to grow his Youtube channel and fanbase. If he continues this way in a few years he might be able to reach the heights of other Free Fire Youtubers like Total Gaming, Nobru, Gyan Gaming, etc. Other than that he will continue to improve his Free Fire skills and maybe compete in the future seasons of Free Fire India Championship hosted by the official Free Fire Esports India Youtube channel just like other Free Fire Youtubers including Total Gaming (Ajjubhai). As he grows he might even switch to other games like COD Mobile, Pubg, etc. or he might even expand from mobile gaming to PC and console gaming( Playstation and Xbox). The future of Aghori Gaming is bright with a loyal fanbase who will keep supporting him as he branches out.

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Aghori Gaming’s Social Media Handles

Sanju Mali, also know as Aghori Gaming is active on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and obviously YouTube from where he got his name. Anyways, let’s checkout his different social handles.

Aghori Gaming’s Instagram Account

As of writing this article, Aghori has got 13k Instagram followers.


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His Twitter: @Aghorigaming9

His Facebook Page: Aghori Gaming


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