PUBG Mobile India Launch: Is the Game Launching Today?

by Farhan Shaikh

Indian fans of Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) are eagerly waiting for the game to re-launch in India. There is a rumor that the game is launching today, i.e., 20 November, but there is no official confirmation from the PUBG Corp. nor from the parent company.

Is PUBG Mobile Launching Today in India?

You might have seen so many news related to PUBG Mobile coming today in India. But all this news is just a rumor. As PUBG corp. has not given any official statement of the game bringing today. So, the PUBG mobile is not coming to India today. But it will definitely re-launch soon in India.

As per the sources, the developers are developing the game and have made few changes to the Indian version. The game is expected to launch in early January 2021. But, we need to wait for the official launch date announcement.


However, the official Indian website of the game has been set up, and a few of the teasers have been launched by the PUBG Corp.  The PUBG website is saying the game is coming.

The PUBG Corporation has decided to relaunch the game in India after making some changes to the game as the previous version of the game was banned due to privacy issues. The Chinese company Tencent was running the game, and it was said that the data of the users were stolen. So, the government decided to ban the game in India, including other Chinese apps. After the game was banned, still many players were able to play games as the servers were still available. But recently, the servers were also taken down.

When is PUBG Mobile India launching?

If we see, officially, then PUBG Mobile India is coming soon. It is taking time to unban the game because this time, they are taking precautions of what all happened in the last version. Still, PUBG Corp. has not got a clearance from the government to re-launch the game in India.

Changes made by PUBG Corp. in PUBG Mobile India

The first change is the data localization of the users. Krafton has made a deal with Microsoft to store the data. The data of the Indian users will be stored on Azure Cloud servers.

The second change is the tweaking of visual elements. In the game, when the enemy is shot dead, you will see a green liquid. All the avatars will be in full clothes all the time.

The third one is the time limit for the players. Earlier, there was no time limit, and because of this, most of them were addicted to the game. This time, PUBG Corp. is setting a time limit for the players to which once the users will cross the time, they will be alerted.

So, this is all about the PUBG Mobile India launch. Till now, the PUBG Corp. has not got the approval from the Indian government, so we need to wait for that. Until the government doesn’t give approval, we can’t say when the game is re-launching.

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JuniMuniStar November 22, 2020 - 4:18 pm

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