Garena Free Fire Diwali Ludo Event: Here’s How to Collect Rocket Tokens

by Farhan Shaikh

Garena Free Fire has brought Diwali Ludo Event for all the players.  This event provides the users to win many in-game items. In Free Fire Diwali Ludo event, players can get the Fearless Warrior Bundle, 10x Weapon Royale Voucher, and more.


Free Fire Diwali Ludo Date And Rewards

Free Fire Diwali Ludo Event has started from today i.e, 6th November and it will end on 15th November.  So, the players will get 10 days which is enough to collect tokens and play the game to get rewards.

One Rocket Token is needed to roll the dice once. You can collect it from the game and they are scattered around the map. Once the player rolls a dice, they should select a piece to move a number of squares which is based on the number on the dice.

Diwali Ludo in free fire

All the Rocket Tokens are available in different locations. So, check out where you will find Rocket Tokens in Free Fire. Do remember, we are just assuming these places, it is not sure, that you will definitely get it.

Locations For Rocket Token in Free Fire

It is quite hard to get Rocket Tokens. As per round, you can obtain 8 to 10 tokens. You can get Rocket tokens in the given below locations.

  • Shipyard
  • Peak
  • Clock-Tower
  • Plantation
  • Mars Electric
  • Pochinok

How to use Rocket Tokens in Free Fire Diwali Ludo?

  • Once you collect Rocket Tokens, in each roll you will need 1 Rocket Token in Ludo
  • Move the piece with the number of steps which is shown on the dice
  • As soon as the route is completed, players will win the prize.

When the route is completed, all the players will get the Prize for it. To check the reward you can click on a reward.

These are the rewards, which the players can collect from the event:

  • Fearless Warrior Bundle
  • 10x Carot-Nator AN94 Gunbox
  • 10x Robo Box
  • 10x Weapon Royale Voucher

Apart from the Diwali Ludo event, Free Fire also has other events as a part of the Diwali Celebration like “Light-Up Bermuda”. This event provides the users with gun skins and emotes for free. You need to collect “Diya” Tokens to complete the mission.

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