PMWL West 2020: League Play Week 3 Day 1 Results and Overall Standings

by Karan Sharma

As we already know PMPL West 2020: League Play Week 3 has started with Futbolist on top after the first day. We present you the short insights, summary, overall standings and much more of day 1. In this week, a sum of five games were played on the first day of Week 3 of the PMWL 2020 West. By the day’s end, Futbolist sit at the head of the leaderboard with 102 points and two chicken dinners. They are trailed by Yalla Esports and Nova Esports with 52 and 50 points, respectively.

PMWL West 2020 League Play Week 3 Day 1 Overall Standings:

  1. ¬†Futbolist –¬†102 points (47 kills)
  2.  Yalla Esports Р52 points (24 kills)
  3.  Nova Esports Р50 points (21 kills)
  4. ¬†UDRKillers –¬†47 points¬†(20 kills)
  5. ¬†Wildcard Gaming –¬†46 points¬†(22 kills)
  6. ¬†B4 Esports –¬†43 points¬†(14 kills)
  7. ¬†Team Queso –¬†40 points¬†(21 kills)
  8. ¬†Loops Esports –¬†38 points¬†(17 kills)
  9. ¬†Frag Machines –¬†36 points¬†(8 kills)
  10. ¬†DreamEaters –¬†35 points¬†(15 kills)
  11. ¬†Team Unique –¬†31 points¬†(12 kills)
  12. ¬†Pittsburgh Knights –¬†30 points¬†(13 kills)
  13. ¬†Team Umbra –¬†30 points¬†(6 kills)
  14. ¬†Tempo Storm –¬†29 points¬†(10 kills)
  15. ¬†KoninaPower –¬†28 points¬†(12 kills)
  16. ¬†Headquarters –¬†18 points¬†(9 kills)
  17. ¬†SWAT69 –¬†17 points¬†(1 kills)
  18. ¬†KHK Esports –¬†15 points¬†(7 kills)
  19. ¬†Cloud9 –¬†12 points¬†(3 kills)
  20.  Alpha Legends Р10 points (2 kills)
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Winners of Each Match:

Match 1ErangelNova Esports34 (14 kills)
Match 2MiramarB4 esports27 (7kills)
Match 3ErangelFutbolist39 (19 kills)
Match 4MiramarWildcard Gaming31 (11 kills)
Match 5ErangelFutbolist39 (19 kills)

That’s all for now, if you want to know more about PMWL stay tuned to PlayerZon and also check out our other posts about PMWL East 2020 here: PMWL 2020 East Blog.

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