PMWL East 2020: Super Weekend Week 3 Day 2 Results and Overall Standings

by Karan Sharma

PMWL East 2020: Super Weekend Week 3 Day 2 is now over and we are here to provide you with the results, overall standings and much more. BTR RA dominated in the 2nd day with two chicken dinners and made their way from the bottom to the table toppers.

In case you missed the previous week results and standings, go check it out here: PMWL East 2020: Super Weekend Week 2 Results and Overall Standings.

PMWL East 2020 Super Weekend Week 3 Day 2 Overall Standings:

  1. ¬†Bigetron RA –¬†114 points (49 kills)
  2.  King of Gamers Club Р103 points (39 kills)
  3.  Morph Team Р102 points (33 kills)
  4. ¬†U Level Up Esports –¬†90 points¬†(34 kills)
  5. TSM-Entity –¬†89 points¬†(46 kills)
  6. ¬†GXR Celtz –¬†88 points¬†(30 kills)
  7. ¬†Team Secret –¬†81 points¬†(35 kills)
  8. ¬†Orange Rock –¬†80 points¬†(29 kills)
  9. ¬†Box Gaming –¬†77 points¬†(27 kills)
  10. ¬†RRQ Athena –¬†76 points¬†(27 kills)
  11. ¬†TeamIND –¬†72 points¬†(28 kills)
  12. ¬†MegaStars –¬†70 points¬†(28 kills)
  13. ¬†Yoodo Gank –¬†59 points¬†(20 kills)
  14. ¬†T1 –¬†57 points¬†(14 kills)
  15. ¬†Valdus The Murder –¬†54 points¬†(24 kills)
  16. ¬†NovaGodlike –¬†47 points¬†(19 kills)
  17. ¬†Free Style –¬†46 points¬†(24 kills)
  18. ¬†Reject Scarlet –¬†38 points¬†(16 kills)
  19. ¬†NoChanceTeam –¬†34 points¬†(20 kills)
  20. ¬†SynerGE –¬†29 (14 kills)

Top 16 of the above mentioned teams would be further competing to obtain the slot for PMWL East 2020 Finals.

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Winners of Each Match:

Match 1MiramarBTR RA33 (13 kills)
Match 2ErangelBTR RA36 (16 kills)
Match 3MiramarMorph26 (6 kills)
Match 4ErangelKOG38 (18 kills)
Match 5MiramarTeam Secret29 (9 kills)

That’s all for now. If you want to know more about PMWL, then check out our other posts about PMWL East 2020 here: PMWL 2020 East Blog and stay tuned to Playerzon for more esport related news.

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