PUBG New State: How to Use Drone to Find Enemy in PUBG New State

To buy drone in PUBG New State, make sure you have enough drone credits.

by Farhan Shaikh
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PUBG New State is available all around the globe. It is a sequel of PUBG Mobile set in the year 2051. The game brings many new features including new cars, maps, trams and also drones. All the players can order items in the battlefield by using drone.

One can also use Drone to search enemy at far distance. This is helpful when you can’t see the enemy and is getting your shots, at that time Search Drone can reveal the position of the opponent. Drone can be purchased via done credits available in drone store. Here, we have a complete guide on Search Drone in PUBG New State to search enemy’s position.

However, you must remember that, while controlling a search drone, you won’t be able to find and defend the enemies, so to fight back you need to get out of drone sight.

How to use Search Drone in PUBG New State?

Follow the given steps and use drone in the game. However, make sure you have enough drone credits to get the drones.

  1. Open the game and go to inventory section
  2. Click on the Drone icon
  3. A Drone store will appear, also a list of items will be displayed
  4. From the list, clikc on Drone Search option (You will need 550 Drone Credits)
  5. Click on Order
  6. A map will be opened, mark a destination point for delivery
  7. Click on Place here
    Search Drone in PUBG New State
  8. In few seconds, the drone will be delivered to the marked location
  9. You can open bag and look for search drone
  10. Then click on use Drone icon, Drone will fly and will send the visuals to the player

So, this is how you can use search drone in the PUBG New state game.

Make sure you have enought drone credits to order. Obtaining drone credits are not difficult, you can get it when you are looking for loot and gear.

We hope this article was helpful to you. Stay tuned for more updates.

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