How to Get Weapon Master title in BGMI?

Easy methods to get weapon master title in Battlegrounds Mobile India!

by Karun Sharma

A title is achieved by doing a particular mission or a number of tasks and it will be displayed along with your BGMI in-game name. There are a total of 20 titles in BGMI some of which can be easily obtained along with playing the game but some requires particular task to do to get the title, one of them is Weapon master. There is a easy way to get Weapon Master title in BGMI.

How to Get Titles in BGMI?

To earn titles in BGMI follow the given steps:

  1. Open the game and click on Missions from the homepage
  2. Then click on Achievements
  3. You can see a number of titles which you have obtained.
  4. Scroll down you can see the not obtained titles clicking on it will show you the task required  to achieve the title.

How to get Weapon Master title in BGMI

How to Get Weapon Master title in BGMI?

Weapon master title requires to kill minimum 6 players with 6 different ways or we can say get a kill from every group me item , it seems a bit difficult at first but there is a very easy method to obtain this title.

Here is the list of missions that need to be completed to get the Weapon Master title:

  1. Kill an enemy with Assault Rifle
  2. Kill an enemy with SMG
  3. Kill an enemy with Sniper Rifle
  4. Kill an enemy with Shot Gun
  5. Kill an enemy with Throwable
  6. Kill the enemy with a Vehicle

Play with your squad and ask them to help a bit , always be in squad if enemy comes you can easily get kills. So, whenever your friend knock a enemy ask him not to finish so you can finish with a specific method. Also make sure you are at the tier above platinum. Playing with friend also helps you carry all specific guns so you can exchange gun before finishing the enemy.

How to get Weapon Master title in BGMI

Landing far from flight line will avoid fights and also get some bots which helps you get the job done, near water side or end of the map. Vehicle kill is going to be most difficult in this so try to get that done as early as possible.

For improving skills with different guns try playing arena and arcade modes which will help you do the task easily. Also, you can knock the enemy with any gun you just need to finish enemy with a specific method, most important for vehicle kill and throwable kill.

After getting all the kills don’t exit the game , get killed by an enemy or self grenade yourself only then it will me considered as completed match.

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