Which SMG is The Best in PUBG Mobile? Damage, Recoil, Etc

by Farhan Shaikh

PUBG Mobile has a lot of guns, or we can say weapons. But if you are smart enough, then you will choose the best one to play the game anytime. There are main five categories of weapons Pistols, Sniper, Assult Rifles, Shotguns, DMR and SMG. In this post, we will discuss SMG only. If you want to know which SMG is the best, then check out the full post to get proper information.

Best SMG in PUBG Mobile

Full form of SMG is a submachine gun. There are many SMG guns are available in PUBG Mobile here you can have a look at the list:

  1. Micro UZI
  2. Thompson SMG
  3. UMP45
  4. Vector
  5. PP-19 Bizon‎‎
  6. MP5K
  7. P90
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There are a total of seven SMG guns available in PUBG Mobile, but all the seven guns are not available in all maps. So we will talk about the guns which are available in all the maps.

GUN NameDamageFire RateRecoilAttachmentsOur Grade
Micro UZI2372314A
Thompson SMG3660443A+
PP-19 Bizon‎‎3558363B+

In the table, you can check out all SMGs which are available in all the maps. We have tried to compare all in the sense of damage, recoil control, attachments and Fire Rate. After analysing everything, we have given grades to all guns. All these grades and points are given according to our experiences only. If you have any issues, then please comment below we will help you to short it out.

So this was all about PUBG Mobile SMG Guns. If you want to explore more, then check out our other blogs. Moreover, check out our app where you can win real cash by just playing PUBG Mobile. Not only that if you refer our app to others then also you will earn extra money which you can withdraw anytime.

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