Can Team Free Style Play PMWL 2020 after PUBGM Ban in Pakistan?

by Soumyaranjan Behera
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The wait is over, and the PUBG Mobile World League 2020 is here. Twenty teams across the whole Eastern Globe will fight for the Championship in PMWL EAST. One of those trendy regions in Pakistan, and the excitement within Pakistani fans to see their team competing at the world stage has been tremendous. But things went rough when PUBG MOBILE was temporarily banned by the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) ahead of the World League. Pakistani team “Free Style” was supposed to represent the country against best of the best in the World League East 2020 from 10th July alongside 19 other teams. But after the ban notice from PTA, the team’s appearance in the competition is in question.

Team Free Style has released an official statement about their view on the decision. They added, “This the first time in history that Pakistan is being represented in PUBG Worldwide and this is how our government gives back. Instead of working on the larger issues in the country, they were threatened by a mobile game. We will join hands with others and try to overcome this decision and fight for our rights, whether it requires requesting PTI or going to the high court. Just so we Pakistan has a chance to take its gaming community further and make its name in eSports“. For the latest updates from the organization itself, follow freestyle_pakistan on Instagram.

Although the ban is temporary and the future of this ban is yet to be decided, PUBG Mobile has decided to not interfere in this case and wait for Govt’s final decision. According to the FS officials, there is a 50% chance of govt lifting the ban till 13th July. Fans are still positive about the resolution, and the Organization has also announced its roster for PMWL.  The lineup includes FSbaba, FSblack, FSmalik, FSkashoof, style team PMWLDespite missing the first four matches on the Opening Weekend of PMWL, they still have a chance to play in the actual decider matches, as the opening weekend’s points will only be used to draw teams into different groups. The team member FSbaba has released a reply statement for fans asking for updates on the matter in the following post.

PUBG Mobile World League East & West 2020 has been started and offers a total of $850,000 prize pool combined. Catch the live action on PUBG Mobile Esports & PUBG Mobile India Official YouTube Channel.

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